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  1. Thanks for testing! I'll see if I can patch that, but in general Magic is just not compatible with creative mode.

    Hm are you sure? That's basically the fix I put in (it is available in the latest dev build)... I think it should work, I tested with your wand config!

    I think this broke a while back, something changed on MythicMobs' side with the command skills. I don't really support that plugin anymore, but maybe someone else here can help- sorry!
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  2. Always glad to help! and yeah, if it's creative only shouldn't be such a big problem.
    After tweaking a lot I finally fixed it. This little parameter was messing the shop:
    - wand: wand
    My bad sorry lol, I don't remember ever adding that but who knows.
    How can I give access to the Wand Controls though? is the only thing I cannot access.
    Thanks for all the support!
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  3. Hey @NathanWolf !
    Is there a way to set a casting requirement as a MCMMO level?

    For example:

    I want to cast Familiar (Summon familiar), but it would require you to be level 10 on MCMMO Taming skill
  4. MrGreenGem

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    I apologize in advance if this comes across as newbish but...

    I can't, for the life of me, figure out how to disable magic in specific regions/worlds. Quite a lot of it are exploitable and OP spells that I would love to have disabled in server regions and my plot world for obvious reasons. :p

    Also I've noticed that this doesn't work well with minigames. If a player joins a minigame with their wand inventory displayed, after the game they lose their whole inventory. I'm unsure what causes this but I'm sure I could get around it by just making a new world specific to minigames and having a separate inventory for that world.

    Fun plugin. Very addicting. Most of my players love it. Good job. :D
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  5. Oops! I didn't make that one a tag. It'll be fixed in the next dev build, or if you want to fix it in your own configs you can do this in spells.yml:

    Code (Text):
        - wand_tags: tweakable
    And then add the "tweakable" tag to your wands.

    No, sorry, there is no MCMMO integration.

    Yeah unfortunately plugins that stash inventories often don't get along with Magic. I did add some integration with the "Minigames" plugin, but it sounds like whichever one you're using may not be working out well. You have a couple options, one would be like you said, move minigames to another world and disable wands there, or use per-world inventories if you can find a compatible plugin for that.

    Alternately you can force all players to use "chest mode" for wands, but most people prefer the inventory mode.

    If your minigame plugin can run some commands before storing the player's inventory we could maybe work with that, I could add a command you could use to deactivate a player's wand.

    As for per-world stuff, there are a few options. If you can do per-world permissions you can add "-Magic.wand.use" to worlds where players can't use wands.

    Or, if you use WorldGuard you can be very selective about it using various flags like blocked-spells, blocked-wands, etc.
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  6. Thanks! But i have another question..

    Is there a way to cast a spell by command and retain its costs?

    I have a spell that consumes for example 1 diamond each cast, but i want an NPC to cast it for me so I set the mtrait to that spell, but it casts the spell without taking the diamond
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  7. MrGreenGem

    MrGreenGem Previously Jadex6990

    Thank you so much for the valuable information! I'll look around and see what I can whip up. I think the minigames I use give me access to setting commands before and after matches. Toggling wands would be fantastic :D
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  8. You've got a couple of options here. If this spell is meant specifically for NPCs, rather than having the spell have a cost you can use "/mtrait requires diamond" to make it cost a diamond when the NPC is used. This is a little cleaner, you could even then make the NPC actually cast the spell on the player (rather than on behalf of the player) which can be a nice touch for effects and messaging.

    Otherwise you can only turn on/off costs for commands and NPCs in an all-or-nothing way. This can be done by putting "
    cast_console_cost_free: false" in config.yml.
  9. The next dev build will have a "/mage deactivate" command which will close their wand inventory as well as cancel any active spells.
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  10. I make texture case, how to implement a texture change from a list of dropped from a case?
    Another question, what is the permission for the /mitem configure command?
  11. What an entity breaks the blocks in the Cluster Bomb spell?
    I blocked everything exploding but didn't help.
  12. NathanWolf updated Magic with a new update entry:

    Anti-Exploit and other fixes

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  13. I don't think I understand this question. Are you talking about resource pack stuff here?

    All command permissions follow the same format, so this would be "Magic.commands.mitem.configure".

    That spell just drops TNT, like Carpet Bomb and Grenade.
  14. If you want to disable blocks getting destroyed by the Cluster spell, just add the "break_blocks: false" to your parameters.

    Code (Text):
            break_blocks: false
    Hope it helps since that's what I could understand about your question.

    @NathanWolf hey there, wanted to ask some things.
    How can I restrict the use of the /wand command? I just don't want players to use it but I think this is posible without having to mess with permissions (doesn't matter if that's the only way lol).

    Just like /wand is used to give you a wand, how could I assign this to do a particular task? Like, using /wand or some other command to open the appearanceshop instead. I'm guessing this might not be posible but still want to ask just in case.

    The last thing is, it's posible to make all spells have the same ammount of SP earnings, worth, and other related stuff by default instead of editing each of them? this is not because of lazyness, it's because I'm not very sure how should I balance each thing to make it scale properly in the long run (wish there was a formula for this lol), any advices would be appreciated. Anyway thank you very much in advance!
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  15. Players do not have permission to use any commands by default ... Magic.commands.wand is the permission though!

    You can set up server aliases for /cast commands but I can't really recommend it. Magic is heavily anti-commands, there's not really any way to give commands to players because I'm very opposed to commands as player things. I would suggest using NPCs or command block instead, if possible?

    You can use the "override" entry in spells.yml to apply changes to ALL spells. So for instance
    Code (Text):

      earns: 10
    Will make all spells earn 10 SP.
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  16. Hey! Is there an ability to change crafting recipe's for wands? Or an easy way for the players to view said recipes?
  17. Is there any way tp make a multiple cast spell. Like one that would heal you and damage a player?
  18. Yes- should all be answered here: https://github.com/elBukkit/MagicPlugin/wiki/Crafting

    Yes. All spells are combinations of multiple actions, you would just be combining the Heal and Damage actions. Your action tree would look something like this:

    Code (Text):

      - class: ChangeContext
        target_caster: true
        - class: Heal
      - class: CustomProjectile
        - class: Damage
    This will launch a damaging projectile and heal the caster. You'd need to add some parameters (damage amount, projectile range, heal amount, etc) for it to work out well. If you have never made a custom spell before, I'd suggest taking a look at missile.yml and heal.yml to see how the base spells work. Then try out the sandbox editor to get started.
  19. Hello, is there any free anti-cheat plugin that you recommend to use with magic? specially for 1.13.2 or so? :)

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