Spigot Magic 7.7.5

Add fully customizable magic wands, items, spells, mobs and more to your server!

  1. At the moment, you need to use a non-1.13 version of EssentialsX for Magic to work properly.
  2. I'm using the latest version EssentialsX downloaded from Jenkins and Paper 1.12.2
  3. Dear Sir or Madam,

    I have two issues,

    I would like know if can you help me to make a appearance for the wands.
    I put the textures in the texture pack, but when I do this, how can I put this texture in some magic item or magic appearance?

    And the other issue,

    I have a problem with one spell, its a spell to transform players or mobs in other mobs.
    The configuration is this https://pastebin.com/zKQnswMJ
    Can you help me?

    Your sincerely.
  4. Hello!

    I'm a big fan of this plugin. Just a quick question...
    I just attempted to start up my server on a new computer. I copied over all the plugins and config files successfully, but one thing that stuck out to to me is that for some reason the broomstick seems to fly at around half speed. Is there a setting I am missing somewhere for broomstick speed?
  5. It doesn't have anything to do with your server version. You need to install an older version of EssentialsX: one that is old enough that it doesn't support 1.13.

    When EssentialsX added 1.13 support, it broke this plugin. Both this plugin's authors and EssentialsX are working on a solution to fix this, but right now you need to downgrade EssentialsX to use Magic.

    (Yes, I help maintain EssentialsX. Yes, I'm recommending you downgrade it.)
  6. Okey, thanks for helping)
  7. How do i make it so my mob has a chance of dropping like 3 of my items but it has to drop at least one
  8. Hi everyone!

    I know I've been gone for a while. Real life has gotten hectic, some personal stuff came up and I just haven't had the time for Magic.

    I am going to try to continue to keep it updated and fix bugs as I can, but my ability to give support is going to reduced or nonexistent. The truth is that supporting this plugin has been about 90% of my Magic time for quite a while, it's considerably more time consuming than actually working on the plugin.

    So I have to give some real honest thanks to the people here and on the Discord server who have been helping out in my absence. I really appreciate it!

    I've tried to read through the past few months / pages of messages. I'll answer any that look like they went unanswered, as best I can- please forgive me if this is old news and/or you don't care anymore!

    Sorry I'm so late, the hastebin is gone now- are you still having issues?
    The best way is to listen for the PreCastEvent and cancel it.

    If you put an RP in your server.properties as normal, it should work. Magic will see that and turn its own RP off. Did that not work for you? More info here: https://github.com/elBukkit/MagicPlugin/wiki/ResourcePack


    Make sure to check the links in there to see if there's already a file for your language.

    I saw this on github, too, but it seems to be working for me. Do you have any config customizations?

    I will be using the brand new Essentials ItemDB API to fix this issue .. hopefully soon.

    I would never ever use /reload. It's possibly client-side RP load issues, you can turn off the RP (see the wiki) but that won't be as great of an experience for players. Unfortunately the lag depends on their PC specs.

    Nope. But people get busy in life sometimes...

    Magic is not compatible with creative mode

    Pretty weird. Possible you had levelled it up and now it's not levelled anymore?

    Drops can be a list of lists like this:
    Code (Text):
      - glowstone_dust
    In this case exactly one of those items will drop.

    You will need to use a vanilla item, and then use that item as a wand icon. Or, take a look at how the damage predecates are set up and add your new model as a new damage value, then use that damaged item as a wand icon. It's pretty complicated, make sure to check out the tutorial on the spigot wiki I wrote. https://www.spigotmc.org/wiki/custom-item-models-in-1-9-and-up/

    Cheers everyone, hopefully it won't be another 2 months before you hear from me. Do expect a new release soon with bugfixes and updated EssentialsX support.
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  9. Thanks - appreciate it!
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  10. NathanWolf updated Magic with a new update entry:

    You will need build #721 or higher from https://ci.ender.zone/job/EssentialsX/ if you want to update Magic and keep Essentials item compatibility.

    EssentialsX Fixes, Other Bug Fixes

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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  11. smmmadden


    Hi @NathanWolf - you stated in the update that users have to use the latest EssentialsX but don't provide the exact version. Everyone's idea of the latest is not what we as developers consider the latest, so I'd like to make sure it is clearly stated in the Overview tab and in my spreadsheet so there is no confusion. :) For example, I downloaded the "latest" dev build ( of EssentialsX, *Spawn, *Protect, *GeoIP, *Chat, and *AntiBuild but not *XMPP on the 15th and they were the latest builds. Just today alone, there were 6 builds on 4/17 so depending on when someone downloaded it after this post, they may think they have the latest but could be behind (which is almost always the case). MD also stated to downgrade to the oldest non-1.13 build, so it is a bit confusing.
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  12. Good point, thanks! I'll update the notes on that build. I think it has to be build #721 or higher, from https://ci.ender.zone/job/EssentialsX/
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  13. I managed to solve it :p thanks anyways! glad to see you around again supporting this great plugin and I hope you continue adding amazing stuff, I'm more than happy to provide help here as long as I count with the info lol.
    Also I got a request/idea (if it's posible of course)

    To keep it short, I know you can make mobs invisible and also disguise them, but could it be posible to also make invisible their disguises?
    It might sound crazy, but with this and 3D models, some very cool original mobs could be created for specific mobs :)
    If more info is necessary please tell me, not sure if this is already posible but I tried the logical stuff and got not results lol.
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  14. How do I remove spells from the game?
  15. Add to plugins/Magic/spells.yml
    Code (Text):
      enabled: false
    You can set "invisible: true" in the disguise config for that!
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  16. Perfect! Just what I was looking for :D thanks!

    I got a question regarding Magic and Quests.
    When doing Quests, it's posible to give spells as a reward, but unless you're holding your wand, the spell goes directly to your inventory and you can even drop it in the ground. Yes, it gets added if you're holding your wand but if you're not, happens what I just described.

    I tried adding "holding wand" as a requirement...but that only works for starting the quest, not finishing it. I know it's posible to give spells with commands but I'm pretty sure this is not the best way or not really necessary. So, is there any way to receive the spell safely or make the player hold the wand mandatory when getting the spell :unsure: ?
  17. I_'m using heroes and want to know how to get rid of the Magic Missile spell? I can't find it anywhere.
  18. Open your Magic folder, go to spells.yml and type this:

    Code (YAML):
    : false
    That should do it, also works with any other spell you want to disable.
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  19. Hm.. probably the best thing would be for me to update the quests module so you can specify a class to apply the spell to, or some other option to make sure it gets applied directly to the player. I think maybe things get a little complicated in multi-class setups, but maybe I can add something simple for now. I'll take a look and let you know!

    Otherwise using commands is a decent work-around for now.

    EDIT: If you can try out the latest dev build of MagicQuests (#96) let me know if it works for you. I added an optional "Class" parameter you can add to the spell reward. So you could put in "mage" there if using the default configs, or else whatever class you want the spell to go to.

    There isn't a way currently to specify multiple classes, but if you need that let me know!
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