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  1. hello, i want to turn off the intergration for the Faction plugin but its not in the config where do i do this?
  2. No, there's no event from Citizens for when a player gets close to an NPC (that I'm aware of) so NPCs are not able to cast like that. You could maybe use Sentinels .. but I think you can also use the /mauto command.

    It's basically like making a command block but without the block. I think in both cases though you'd have to make the spell specially use an AreaOfEffect action to be able to target nearby players.

    I could see about adding some option to mauto automatons so that they auto-target though, that seems like that'd be pretty handy.
  3. You can always search in the default configs for available options. In this case:

    Code (Text):
    # Enable Factions protection against construction spells
    factions_enabled: true
  4. Honestly, haven't heard of the /mauto command but I guess it's something regarding automatas.

    I'm just looking to create "turrets" that cast spells in certain directions so they can be used as traps for players.
    As an example; Imagine players crossing a bridge, but there're blocks (or something else) at the sides that cast "push" (or any other spell) every "X" seconds to take them down, that's what I'm looking for :unsure:

    Not sure if automatas could accomplish such feature since I mostly know the very basics of them, sounds like they must get anchored to a certain location to work like that, could be really cool, but no idea how to handle their spawning either lol.
  5. Hell i tried doing that but it doesnt work (nor is there an option that turns it off)
  6. I mean you put "factions_enabled: false" in plugins/Magic/config.yml to turn it off. You've tried that?

    So I did something really confusing, unfortunately There are two types of "automaton" in this plugin. One is the weird block monsters that've been around for a long time.

    The other is basically a way to put a spell at a specific spot in the world, that will cast at regular intervals automatically. More info can be found on those here:


    It sounds almost like what you want, except they don't really auto-target anything.
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  7. @NathanWolf Is there still a way to make magic items naturally spawn in chests?

    I know there used to be a way to do this but I forgot how. I want to restart my adventure world and it would be neat to be able to have people discover these items
  8. i have and the entire plugin stops working
  9. You will need to use MagicWorlds, but yes that still should work. There are some configs on github (check the wiki for links) that set that up, I think the examples just add SP but you can add whatever you want.

    Then you may have done something really wrong with the configs. Any errors in the logs?
  10. I'm trying to add a model from your resource pack to an MMOItem. I asked the dev of that plugin and he isn't sure how to either. Do you know how i can set one of those items to look like the Magicka wand for example?
  11. I am Japanese and I love this plug-in!
    As a question, I want to change settings such as save_player_data in configdefault, but restarting the server will reset all the settings ...
  12. the error log has disapeard but it doesnt work to turn of the intergration its like i added nothing
  13. Hello,
    im trying to edit the blink spell to make it not grant any vertical boost.
    im editing "vertical range" to 0 and even "ledge range" to 0 and somehow i can still blink to higher grounds.
    is there a way to make it so that the blink doesn't grant vertical boost?
    Thank you
  14. All files designed as "default" must not be touched, the plugin doesn't save any of the changes you make there. If you want to change or tweak something, use the files that doesn't have the ".default" at the end of the sentence. In simpler words, if you are editing a spell, edit the "spells.yml" file instead of the "spells.default.yml" one. In this case just edit the config.yml file.

    Although it doesn't seem to work with all spells, I just tried it with the automata flare example and this is exactly what I'm looking for :) pretty useful! I think it's an incredible addition, it's a bit tricky to make them point to a specific location but it's not an otherworldly task lol.

    @NathanWolf there's a problem with the Magic Quests Module. Every time I'm creating a quest and use any of the Custom Objectives, after filling the values asked (like wands or spells names), I can't return to the menu and continue editing, it just retains me in the same place and I can't even cancel the quest, I must log out to interrupt it.
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  15. hi there! I noticed your page says it replaces the shield texture (unbreakable version) i assume it's for the mirror shield? I tried to /mgive myself one and it looks like a normal shield. any ideas what went wrong or is it intended to be like that? :) I love this plugin btw and I can't wait to get it working fully!
  16. Sadly there isn't a mirror shield model. The shield you just summoned works as intended, but it uses the default shield look since a model haven't been created for it yet. If you look into the models you will see a mirroshield.json file but that's basically a placeholder for now.
  17. ooh okay. I really can't wait to see the new model for it one day ^^ So excited! I'm still trying to figure out how to set up all this for the rpg server im making for my community. It's a loooooot of stuff but im grateful bc it's all awesome ^^
  18. For some reason the link to the discord support server has expired and also my discord logs say that disguise "player" is invalid

    "[Magic] Invalid disguise type: player" and player heads won't show