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  1. Heya! quick question (im new to this stuff) but how would one remove spells from an item? like i crafted a wand that only had magic missile and then i forget how but i gave it spells i think because now it has 5 and no matter what form of that wand i spawn (default, starter etc) they all have 5 spells and im trying to test selling it in the npc store with either 1 or no spells to let people buy spells and add them to it themselves. ^^ Thanks in advance! This plugin is a whole new level of complicated for me lol
  2. Heya! two quick questions ^^
    1. How do i make the magic torches work? I assume it's supposed to work like normal torches do when shaders are on but it doesn't for some reason

    2. Are there any healing spells one can use while equipped with the magic bow? I have the magic bow for sale for a high price in town on the server but all the healing spells i tried with it (and also the push spell) don't work at all with the magic bow. Only arrow spells work and there are no support spells for the bow. I have some people who wanna be support magic archer and heal teammates etc with the bow but that's not possible atm it seems. Any way to make healing spells work with it or any chance of making new support spells for bow use? :D (like healing hit target, remove ailments, invisible, buffs etc)

    Thanks! I love this plugin so much lol
  3. sorry back again. -.- Poison arrows don't seem to do anything to players or mobs. Players get the poison effect icon on their screen but no damage is dealt, same with enemies.

    Also do you have a list of all permissions? I wanna grant players the ability to /wand remove (spellname) to get rid of spells. Sorry to pester you.
  4. Where do i go to install the resource pack for other players? Since the plugin doesn't force the texture pack on ppl who join the server it instead asks if they wish to install it. Someone clicked no and now is complaining to me that ppl have hoes on their head. How do i get them to download it and where can i get the link to send to them?
  5. That plugin would have to be able to make unbreakable items.

    Don't edit the default files, copy what you want into plugins/Magic/config.yml instead.

    If you aim to a higher ground it will always teleport you there. Those parameters only affect the spell automatically putting you up higher if you aim at a wall- is that what you're trying to turn off?

    Hrm :( I would have to get an updated Quests dev server set up to try that out.. I'll see if I can do that but honestly probably won't happen soon.

    I never got around to making a custom model for the mirror shield, but lightsabers also use the shield (so you can block with them).

    The discord server closed down unexpectedly. I've started up a new specifically for Magic.

    Are you sure libsdisguise is working? Do other disguise types work? That error is pretty generic, it just means something went wrong with libdisguise integration, really.

    So the default wand doesn't keep spells on it anymore, you as a player learn spells. So if you want to get rid of spells you need to remove them from yourself.

    While holding a wand, "/wand remove <spell>" will do that, or "/mage remove <spell>" will work too, or "/mage reset" to completely reset yourself.

    The Magic Torch and Light spells require the separate LightAPI plugin, which has never really worked very reliably.

    The Magic Bow needs special specific spells- you'd have to make a healing arrow spell. That's a nice idea, though, I may try to do it myself when I find the time. (ha ha)

    Strange about the poison. There may be something wrong there, someone else was saying poison wasn't working. It could be that you need a strong effect level, do players have damage reduction buffs or something?

    Permissions: https://github.com/elBukkit/MagicPlugin/wiki/Permissions

    It's a bit strange to give players any commands for this plugin, and especially strange to give them /wand remove, but it sounds like you've got a special set up so I'll assume you know what you're doing there :)

    The best way is to just have them turn them on in their server list. Otherwise, you can look in your startup logs to see the URL for the version you're on, it varies by server version.
  6. Thank you for replying to all my questions ^^ I know it was a lot haha. I really hope the heal arrow spell and poison arrow stuff can be fixed/added I'll check out the lightapi plugin to see how it works out and I had no idea there was a lightsaber! I'm not giving players the command anymore i figure out how to remove the spells from my want and put them in the magic NPC shop and it works perfectly fine with the players, they don't get any of the spells i had and have to buy other spells. I'm trying now to figure out how to remove world damage with these spells bc some of them lag hard and others destroy blocks that don't come back. There are so many spells and I love it but it's a lot of testing haha. I also gotta figure out what wands are allowed to learn what spells etc so I can organize the magic shop and make it more clear for players. All in all I am in love with this plugin and can't wait to see where it goes in the future ^^

    Edit: just used the magic torch and oof it lags hard. as for the lightsaber i can't find it in the /mgive or on the wiki anywhere o,o I'm pretty excited to find it though haha
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  8. I always have a test server ready for things like this. If I can be of help in any way just tell me.

    The "starshop" spell contains this wands, check it out.

    It's already a thing, quick example:

    Code (YAML):
    : book
    : npc
    : true
    : buyshop
    : X Shop
    : true
        - item
    : recipe:somethingamazing

    However I'm not sure if it still works correctly. When EssentialsX updated to 1.13 I remember it stopped working for me, a successful message appeared saying that the recipe was added correctly but it wasn't displayed anywhere neither you could craft it.

    I don't know if this got fixed, will try later to see if it works but it would help if you could also give some feedback with that code I posted and tell if it works for you :)
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  9. Hey guys. Is there a Discord server? The link on the main page is broken.
    In the meantime, does anyone know how I can make my text effect class "Linger"? I have it to show my server IP, and it's running through the iterations, but disappears between them to quickly. (ie. my text appears to blink, instead of being stable)
  10. Hey Nathan. Not a major personal issue, just thought it would be cool; but on 1.13.2 and the latest build of the plugin, the Knowledge books do not work. I've tried with both gamerule flags, /gamerule doLimitedCrafting true/false. I've tried it in creative, and survival. Opped, and un-opped.
    I don't know if it's a 1.13.2 issue conflicting with the newest build, or what. Here's screenshot
    I think everything is enabled, otherwise, I wouldn't be able to craft it. Would be cool to have, but not pressing. It's an issue though nonetheless.
    =) Cheers. Glad to be back into this. Can't wait to showcase some 3D models for public use on the discord (If I can get it. :p )
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  11. Can someone please explain how i get magic mobs to naturally spawn in my world? i'm too dumb to figure it out
  12. same ngl i didn't even know they were a thing for a long while.
  13. I really just need the plugin for the / mskills that makes the whole plugin hero much easier, how could I get just that command and not the whole plugin? Thanks for all
  14. The sabers are in a separate "stars" example configs. You can mix that in with survival by putting this in your config.yml
    Code (Text):
     - stars
    I just updated the Discord link, I had unfortunately used an expiring invite.

    Try experimenting with different particle types- there's really no way to make static particles, they all fade away so you kind of have to play with the timing, different particles fade out/disappear at different rates.

    You can use the (separate) MagicWorlds plugin to replace some portion of natural mob spawning with magic mobs:



    May or may not still work. If it does not, you're out of luck as I'm not really supporting this plugin anymore. Ask the Heroes devs to add their own hotbar, it's been like 2 years.
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  15. NathanWolf updated Magic with a new update entry:

    Bug Fixes

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  16. for some reason out of nowhere the extinguisher texture is no longer working and is just a broken wood hoe. It was working perfect before and everything else is perfect too just not that.
  17. Just tested the extinguisher wand, both texture and wand works as intended, did you modify something?
    In case you need it, this is the default extinguish wand

    Code (YAML):
    : cast
    : wood_hoe:32
    : true
    : true
    : extinguish
    : 10
    : 2
    : true
  18. strange because I didn't change anything for magic o,o weirddd. I'll check this out though ^^ like it works and everything just not the texture. I don't get it. thanks for this tho! :D
  19. it looks like the air scooter spell is broken
  20. ueeehhh -.- i have no idea where to find this. i looked in the config and items .yml but it's not there. I didn't touch the files at all, that's why I'm confused as to why the texture isn't working for me.

    EDIT: Scratch that, it's working now for no reason at all. I'm super confused but happy it's back in action XD
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