Spigot Magic 7.8.2

Add fully customizable magic wands, items, spells, mobs and more to your server!

  1. Magic is not compatible with creative mode.

    In the future I will try to prevent this completely.
  2. people who die with magic items are still getting them cloned. they keep the item on death and when they pick up their loot the dropped a copy of their magic item. Is there a way to make it so that they do not keep the item on death and just drop the original item?
  3. I hope to add "custom name" to "item" in "armor stand projectile"
    This makes it as flexible as "Mount armorstand"
    "Transform" is too difficult to control. Detailed tutorials are needed. It will be very useful in the future
    Use this in your code: ". Getarmorstand(). Setheadpose"
    It is specially used to set the angle of the armor frame
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  4. NathanWolf updated Magic with a new update entry:

    1.15 Support

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  5. Hey guys, working on custom wands here.
    How do I make it so users of the wand can earn Wand Buffs at the Enchanting Table?
    Currently it says "You can't edit that <wand name here>"
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  6. Do you have some plugin handling death drops?

    They should keep the item but not drop it, so it sounds like some other plugin is getting in the way. If you'd prefer them to drop and despawn like normal, paste this into plugins/Magic/wands.yml

    Code (Text):
      keep: false
      immortal: false
      invulnerable: false
    You can set up an item in items.yml with a custom name and use it as your projectile. Why do you want a name on the projectile?

    The transforms for setting the pose are not that complicated, it's just an object with x,y,z and an "orient" option (on by default, automatically rotates to face the direction the projectile is traveling) For example:

    Code (Text):
      x: 1
      y: 0
      z: 1
      orient: false
    That will force the head to look at a diagonal angle and not depend on the direction of the projectile.

    You'll want to add some or all of these tags to your wand config to make them useable with all of the progress menu options:

    Code (Text):

        - buffable
        - transformable
        - effectable
        - tweakable
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  7. When players use the broom they get stuck in place. FPS and server is smooth. They can rotate but can't fly around. No up down, forward, nothing. Particles are there and stuff but they just can't move. Flying is enabled.
  8. Sounds like the NMS bindings for the movement keys are not update.. that's something I've been trying to get added to Spigot API for a long time because it's unfortunately very hacky to do via NMS.

    What server and plugin version do you have?
  9. Where can I find the permission list? For using spells?
  10. What is the instruction to open the interface for learning spells?
    What is the instruction to replace the appearance of the staff?
    What is the instruction to replace the effect of the staff on the staff?
  11. I just noticed the same thing happening for me when I just started testing a migration for my server to 1.15, and in the server console while this is happening an error comes up:

    Latest version of Paper 1.15.1 and latest version of the plugin.
  12. How do you disable all crafting of magic items for default players? Broomsticks crash my server and i need to make sure nobody can get them.
  13. Does the current build work on 1.15? Considering updating to 1.15 on my server.
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  14. Magic.cast.<spell>

    Right-click an enchanting table with your wand to access the progress menu.

    Update to latest Magic to avoid players in creative mode using brooms (this is what causes a crash, creative mode is not supported)

    Or, add this to spells.yml to disable brooms

    Code (Text):
    enabled: false
    And/or this to crafting.yml

    Code (Text):
      enabled: false
    Yes. There may still be bugs, and in particular there is a client bug rendering RP icons that I think needs a fix from Mojang. All the icons look dark.
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  15. NathanWolf updated Magic with a new update entry:

    1.15 Fixes (Mostly), Updated Towny Integration

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  16. Thanks Nate! <3

    I know you're busy these days, but I'd like to have a question for whenever you have time. Not urgent, so dont worry.

    I'm experimenting with being able to let my players improve their wands' (custom ones I made) cooldown rates, Mana regeneration, Mana Maximums, etc. without having to make them upgrade to a new wand.

    Perhaps being able to purchase these upgrades with SP or Emeralds. I see there's a Buffs shop for adding enchantments, is there something like this for Wand Parameters as mentioned above?


    Do you know of a way to disguise a creature conjured by a spell without having to cast twice or having to do it with a second spell? Like say I'd summon a wolf, but it's actually disguised as a skeleton. Pretty much, I'm just trying to create an undead servant that's summonable by the Necromancers of my server.

    Hallfame once figured this out by summoning 5 wolves, a very brief delay happens, and then a disguise effect goes off to disguise them. But I cannot remember how he did it. x.x Lord knows i've tried to recreate it.

    Thanks Nathan! I really appreciate it!
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  17. I've updated to 1.15.1 from 1.14.4 and soo far working Flawlessly , except Cycle_hotbar with Drop, my drop now only cast the spells currently active, even with differents settings, cant change it /wand configure or manually with reloads etc . And my spells are now all darkgray like disabled but they all works flawlessly for regular player or admin. I'm using LuckPerms and im denying access to use wands from regular class and individuals class have access to theirs correspondante wands etc, worked flawlessly in 1.14.4 with the sames config.
  18. Is there any way to make the spells more powerful? Even fireballlvl4 isn't that strong. Also, any way to change the range of a certain wand? thanks.
  19. Also, is there anyway to just get rid of manacosts? im using this solely for custom wands you can find around the map.
  20. go in the spells.yml, you can change everything there, remove the cost section, change DPS values, or you can also just add power to the wand. power 2 does 2x initial damage, power 6does 6x, etc /wand configure power 2
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