Spigot Magic 7.8.2

Add fully customizable magic wands, items, spells, mobs and more to your server!

  1. Also, I'm now just getting an internal error occurred when attempting to perform this command with literally any of the commands. I don't know what is up.

  2. I am also having the same experience, regarding the Cycle hot Bar and the before-mentioned Dark-gray spells.
    It seems to cast whenever Drop or Cycle is pressed, no matter what button cycle is set to.
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  3. There suddenly appeared a broomstick seemingly stuck in the world. It's just floating there (not moving the way it does when somebody drops one). Can't pick it up. Is there anything I could do to remove it?
  4. Sure, the easiest way to do this is by creating upgrade items. These items are a lot like wands but with "upgrade: true" on them. When a player purchases an upgrade it is absorbed by their wand and the stats are applied to the wand. Does that help?

    Sure, you can apply a disguise directly to a mob on spawn. I think it would look like this:
    Code (Text):

         - class: SpawnEntity
            set_target: true
         - class: Disguise
    Basically the trick is "set_target: true" which makes the mob you just spawned the target of subsequent actions, so you can disguise it.

    Alternately, you could make a custom mob type that has a disguise already (like the mad scientist) and then spawn that directly.

    I have a fix for this ready in the current dev build, I'll probably release it soon.

    This was an unfortunate client change, players now swing their arms (which is what triggers a wand cast) when dropping items. Looks nice, but messed with my wands :)

    I suggest you start here: https://github.com/elBukkit/MagicPlugin/wiki/Customization

    You'll have to look at individual spells, for instance Fireball does not apply damage directly, it spawns a vanilla fireball. So in that case you'll have to change the "size" parameter. Range is also by spell, not by wand, so you'll be doing a lot of spell customization.

    For mana costs you *could* put "cost_reduction: 2" on your wands to make them skip mana costs entirely, but you might also be better off turning off all the default configs and making your own spells and wands. You could copy the default configs as you like and edit them- this will be more work but might give you more flexibility in the end.

    That sounds like something is very broken- do you get any errors on startup?

    Yup, this should be fixed! The dark spells is also fixed, you probably have that already since it's an RP change (if you're using the auto-RP loading)
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  5. Code (Text):
    /kill @e[r=20,type=armor_stand]
    .. something like that should work. Basically it's an armor stand, so whatever tools you have to remove it

    Sadly this does seem to happen from time to time and I can't pin it down. Might be because a server crashed while a broomstick was in play, or it could be some bug I haven't been able to track down. Sorry!
  6. NathanWolf updated Magic with a new update entry:

    More 1.15 Fixes

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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  7. Whenever i have my broom out and try to fly, i am stuck in one place until i demount from the broom and i am still at the same place i was when i try to fly

    If there anything y'all can tell me what i am doing wrong that will be lovely

    It's on a public minecraft server
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  8. Sounds like a bug that was fixed in a recent update. Do you know if your server is using the most up to date version of Magic?
  9. @NathanWolf

    Thank you again!

    But eh... I think I am a simpleton.

    Here's my attempt at creating a mob to summon, pre-disguised.
    My 2 issues with it is 1: that it summons a tamed wolf - but it is not tamed to me.
    2: It summons the tamed wolf in a sitting position, cant tell that when it's disguised as a skeleton.

    Code (Text):

      name: Skeletal Servant
      type: wolf
      health: 50
      default_drops: false
      tamed: true
        type: skeleton
      - bone:2
      - type: speed
        amplifier: 1

    The spell to summon the mob
    Code (Text):

        hidden: true
        icon: skeleton_skull
        category: utility
        worth: 550
            -  class: Command
            -  class: EffectSingle
               sound: block_portal_travel
               location: both
                 class: WarpEffect
                 particle: portal
            command: mmob spawn skeletalservant
            op: true
            target: none
            cooldown: 3000

    An attempt at editing the "Wolf" spell by adding disguise action to it... Unsuccessfully
    It successfully summons the wolf, as normal. But no disguise, sadly.

    Code (Text):

          class: SpawnEntity
          set_target: true
        class: Disguise
      category: elemental
      class: WolfSpell
        mana: 50
      earns: 2
            class: EffectSingle
              class: DnaEffect
              iterations: 24
              particle_base1: drip_water
              particle_helix: drip_lava
            sound: entity_wolf_howl
            class: EffectSingle
              class: AtomEffect
              iterations: 32
              particle_nucleus: drip_water
            location: target
      icon: "spell_icon:69"
      icon_disabled: "spell_icon_disabled:69"
      icon_url: "http://textures.minecraft.net/texture/f73d8d925fd45eee331437cc496403f96516a5d35a8e62189990d8beee6a14"
      name: "Summon Skeleton"
        allow_max_range: false
        cooldown: 5000
          type: skeleton
        max_wolves: 5
        range: 32
        target_type: Wolf
      worth: 150

    As always, I am very grateful for your help, and continued support of the plugin.
    (And, knowing you're busy, apologies for not being able to grasp what seems like a simple thing to do.
    I have learned alot of other things though!)
  10. I'm the server owner. We're using the latest 7.8.2 build of magic yet it still doesn't let us move. Flight is enabled on the server as well. When u use the broom you can hear the wind, u can see the particles and u can rotate but not fly, u just stick in place. here's a pic of all the plugins used on the server (ignore gravy i know it's broken atm)