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  1. or how i can get the name of a spell that killed someone / something
  2. I have a few suggestions/ideas.

    • How about involving lodestones into the plugin?
    • A Magic crossbow?
    • Have a 'light soul fire' action for spells? (Unless there's already a way to do that?)
    I don't know what you could use for a lodestone, but some examples of what I thought of include using them in the Recall spell, or perhaps they could 'charge' some sort of Magic Item. A wand type similar to the "atronach" playstyle of the Elder Scrolls games, where you only get mana from other magical sources like from being hit from spells or wells of magic power? Just spitballing here.

    Lodestones feel kind of useless at the moment, and they seem perfect for something for Magic.
  3. Hi, what Kind of problem paper users can expect? your plugin is very interesting and unique
  4. I think in the Death event you would get the killer, look up their Mage, get their Wand and then get the active spell. If you're using wandless casting (spell book, etc) then it might not really be possible.

    I had planned on one (or perhaps all) of the magic-using classes in the RPG configs needing to restore mana via potions or other means.

    I think you could make a magic crossbow, again something I might add for RPG configs but no plans to add to survival at the moment.

    I don't know what you mean by the soul fire thing... ?

    Mostly you need to make sure to allow armor stand velocity (or whatever the thing is in Paper that makes armor stands immoveable).

    Otherwise there *shouldn't* be any issues, but if you do run into problems you're not going to get a lot of support from me unless you're able to test with vanilla Spigot. I just can't manage supporting multiple versions, especially with the Paper devs throwing weird crap into the mix.
  5. @NathanWolf i am using the /cast command plus custom items. Could you please add such an event? I think it'd be a really nice addition to an amazing plugin!
  6. A player reported issues with the Emerald Sword today.

    I know I saw recently that the fact that they are no longer unbreakable is intentional. However, this player reported that the first time he hit a creeper with it in a cave it turned into a golden sword. It still had the title "Emerald Sword", but it's appearance and stats reverted to that of the golden sword.

    Anybody else experience this?
  7. I don't actually think I can - there is no way for me to know when a player died what spell caused it.
  8. What version are you on? I think the emerald sword is just broken on 1.15 and below right now, 7.9.9 (just about to release) will fix that.
  9. NathanWolf updated Magic with a new update entry:

    Fix emerald sword in 1.15 and below

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  10. We are running 1.16.1 with the latest build of paper.

    I'll test with your new update though and I'll let you know how it goes.

  11. @NathanWolf whenever someone is damaged by your spells, i guess it could return the victim entity and spell name as well as whoever casted it, because im pretty sure mage already has a getlastdamaged entity
  12. That might work for spells that use the Damage action, but for explosion, fire, poison and many other ways one player can kill another, I really don't track it.

    I think your best bet is to just get the active spell of the killer, which may not be 100% accurate but it's about the best I could do. It would at least cover more cases than just looking for the Damage action.

    If it'd be helpful I think I could add a way to get the spell cast without going through a wand?
  13. Hello, i was trying to create something along the lines of this but I keep failing could you help me?
  14. So firstly, if you're not already please join our Discord. Lots of creative minds there to help with this kind of stuff!

    I spent a few minutes throwing something together to get you started. It's a bit OP (lol!) but hopefully you can tweak it as a base :)


    Code (Text):
      name: Death Fly
      icon: spell_icon:170
      icon_disabled: spell_icon_disabled:170
          - class: CustomProjectile
              - class: AreaOfEffect
                  - class: Damage
              - class: Volume
                  - class: ModifyBlock
        - location: source
          color_override: color
            class: EquationEffect
            x_equation: 0
            y_equation: "(cos(t/57.2958)  * (2.71828^(cos(t/57.2958)) - 2 * cos(4t/57.2958) - (sin(t/(12 * 57.2958)))^5))"
            z_equation: "(sin(t/57.2958)  * (2.71828^(cos(t/57.2958)) - 2 * cos(4t/57.2958) - (sin(t/(12 * 57.2958)))^5))"
            particles: 100
            duration: 10000
            relative_offset: -0.5,0,0
        range: 100
        radius: 3
        brush: erase
        damage: 20
        undo: 5000
        block_hit_count: 100
        entity_hit_count: 100
        velocity: 10
        undo_speed: 100
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  15. just wanted to say your amazing and your great!!!!!!!!!!
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  16. also whats the discord cant seem to join it
  17. hello, I was trying to add a delay and a sound effect (think of the kill spell) but what ever I try either the spell does nothing or it just works as if I never added it, could you help me out?? :) thanks for reading :)