Spigot Magic 10.7.1

Add fully customizable magic wands, items, spells, mobs and more to your server!

  1. NathanWolf


    That depends on how you want to use it- the survival experience you saw on my server is what you'll get out of the box.

    Permissions for admins are here- give them out sparingly! "Magic.commands.wandp.restore" is a good one, mods can use "/wandp NathanWolf restore" to restore my wand if I lose it. Otherwise, most Magic commands are pretty dangerous.


    Hope that helps!
  2. Thanks for the reply. I have a few questions and ideas if they work. Is there somewhere I can find out the materials to make all the different wands? I plan on having mage wars so they can buy the wands instead of making them. I will still allow them to upgrade them after they buy them tho. I also want to have them portal to a new world to fight an automata if I am able to spawn when they step on a plate or something else that can trigger it.
  3. NathanWolf


    That is all doable- sounds like you may just want to turn off crafting? Just set "enable_crafting: false" in config.yml for that.

    All of the recipes are in defaults/crafting.defaults.yml - I'm working on getting them up on a web page.

    Players can then upgrade via enchanting, or a number of command-block or NPC-based options. Magic 4.6 is going to have a built-in NPC spell shop, for instance.

    You can "summon" an automata using commands like you'd find in the MagicWorlds otherside configs:

    Code (Text):
    /castp @p[r=4] hunter material stained_clay seed_radius 2
    That will create a hunter wherever the nearest player is looking. You can change the material to whatever you want, but be careful in that they "eat" any blocks of the same type that are nearby or in their path.

    The "seed_radius" creates a sphere of radius 2 prior to casting "hunter" (which is what creates them)- this ensures they have some food to get started with, otherwise it'd fizzle.

    If you want to spawn one at a specific location, you can use a more complex command like

    Code (Text):
    cast hunter material stained_clay seed_radius 2 target self px -2728 py 78 pz -4782 pworld world
    That is a little more awkward than it should be, but will do the trick. The "px, py, pz, pworld" specify a source (player) location, and "target self" means target the source location.

    I'd suggest playing with the spells directly first to get a feel for what they do- "/wand add hunter" will add it to your wand. Use "superblob" if you need to make some source material first, they can be tricky to get started.

    Let me know how that works for you, or if you have any more questions!
  4. NathanWolf


    NathanWolf updated Magic with a new update entry:

    Spell Shop, Bug Fixes

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  5. Thanks for the quick response. I tested it in 1.8 but I use essentials and there's a problem with it in 1.8 even tho Magic worked fine. My server uses the 1.7-1.8 hacked client and I have found that Magic doesn't work as good here. The best version is 4.5. I will try 4.6. I did test the wolf wand. I see what you mean about land destruction as when I summoned it it absorbed everything around it. Sounds like a good idea to use a command block and summon it using a material that wouldn't be around the area to absorb. I will have to figure out how to have them start with a beginner wand when they start the game. I may have to put it in the shop. If you want to see what I am planning to do with the plugin you can visit my server at magnum.zapto.org thanks again for responding.
  6. NathanWolf


    Could you please elaborate on what doesn't work with the 1.7-1.8 protocol hack? I'd like to know so I can hopefully fix it.

    You can put wands in starter kits, or add a welcome_wand to config.yml to make them start with a wand.
  7. when i was testing it in 1.8 i could switch gamemodes and the wands work fine. in the hack client it doesnt. if im testing the wands in survival mode and need to go to creative to work on the design if i go back to survival the wand doesnt work anymore so i have to get a new one and put enchantments back on it. That isnt an issue for normal members tho. I noticed that when i set up a command block to spawn an automata it doesnt move. it spawns a block of the materials but it doesnt come to life as the command block turns to the material in the commands for some reason. Another thing i noticed is I could summon an aut0mata with the wolf wand in 1.8 but not in the hacked client. I know u just created this but do u have anything to show me how to set up the shop too?
  8. Just wanted to let u know I was testing some things out in my 1.8 test server and noticed your new update has a glitch. I am not able to summon autotmatas. I tried the hunter and the worm. they work in 4.5 but not 4.5.5. The command block did the same thing here too just made a block but didnt come to life. When i use a wand to summon them it just puts a comand block and a redstone block in the ground and thats it.
  9. NathanWolf


    Hrm .. I just tried it myself with 4.5.5, and at least Hunter is working for me, I think they all should be. It sounds like they are "ticking" once but then not again... which is a little weird :(

    Are you inside of a protected region of any kind? (WorldGuard, Factions, Towny, PreciousStones)

    And, yes, I forgot that prior to 1.8 creative mode would remove custom item data.. it's been so long! The inventory drag event will, too. If you're running on 1.7, I suggest you add the following to config.yml:

    Code (Text):
    # This hack should not be required in 1.8 and up
    # This enables the item drag event interceptor
    enable_custom_item_hacks: true
    # This enables wands ejecting themselves in creative mode
    enable_creative_mode_ejecting: true
    The first option disables the drag event, you'll notice an occasional hiccup when dragging items around, but otherwise that hiccup would be a wand wipe.

    The second option causes wands to drop to the ground when you go into creative. Not the best solution, but as long as they're bound to you it's probably better than them getting wiped.

    The spell shop is not very customizable yet- it's a drop-in replacement for enchanting. You can try out like this:

    Code (Text):
    /npc select
    /npc trait magic
    /mtrait spell spellshop
    You can control the prices of spells by adding something like this to spells.yml:

    Code (Text):
      worth: 1000
    The "worth" parameter says how much money the spell will sell for. What spells are available and when is based on the enchanting setup, so might be a little complex to customize. You can't currently customize individual shops- I'm hoping to expand on this feature in future versions.
  10. Is there a plugin that doesnt work well with Magic? I am unable to spawn any automata in any version now. I also noticed that the resource pack only changes the wands in the hack client not the spells.
  11. I also noticed that when u die in the hack client the wand doesnt work anymore and u have to get another one and add all the enchantments again
  12. NathanWolf


    Any plugin that manages an inventory will probably not be compatible with Magic. Backpacks, per-world inventories, do you have anything like that?

    The RP doesn't contain spell icons, those only work in 1.8.

    As for the automata- I'm really not sure. If command blocks work, and you're not in a protected area, they should work fine!
  13. I have GameModeInventories plugin. Would that interfere? I do have worldguard and have it set so noone can edit the world unless they are admin. I have build set to deny.
  14. NathanWolf


    Yes, build deny means no automata, since they build by nature.

    You can work around that with some config tweaks or the WGCustomFlags plugin.

    Gamemodeinventories is probably destroying wands.
  15. Thanks for the help. Gamemodeinventories was a problem. Do you know how I allow the automata to work with world guard? I dont want everyone to be able to break blocks.
  16. Are you using the latest Citizens plugin for your shop? Citizens doesn't seem to work in hacked client. I haven't tried it in 1.8 test server yet.
  17. NathanWolf


    You do need to be on latest citizens for it to work with latest spigot.

    To change automata behavior, you'd need to customize the spells (e.g. "hunter") by adding something like this to spells.yml:

    Code (Text):
          bypass_build: true
  18. Would I add this in the spells.yml or the spells.default.yml? It looks like it would fit in the defaults one.
  19. K I added it to spells.default.yml and it didn't do anything. Will this work? I added this in spells.yml

    # <spellkey>:
    # icon: <material name>
    # category: <anything>
    # class: <Must be a class from the spells package.>
    # costs:
    # xp: <xp/mana amount>
    # <material_name>: <reagent amount>#
    # parameters:
    # <specific spell parameters- TODO: list common ones>
    # hunter:
    # parameters:
    # bypass_build: true
    # worm:
    # parameters:
    # bypass_build: true
    # defender:
    # parameters:
    # bypass_build: true
    # animate:
    # parameters:
    # bypass_build: true
  20. NathanWolf


    Nope, a "#" means the line is commented out (does nothing!)

    Try this (it goes in plugins/Magic/spells.yml)