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Add fully customizable magic wands, items, spells, mobs and more to your server!

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  2. Sorry to keep asking questions but we really like the potential this plugin has. Once I have it working I will be making a youtube video for my server on it. It still gives me an error when I try to spawn an automata. I even made build allow and mob-damage allow just in case. Here is the error I'm getting.http://pastebin.com/zVZS6jAx
  3. I did get it to work in 1.8 though.
  4. Ew, thank you for that error! Looks like the Vault integration failed - or maybe I screwed it up. Are you using Vault? If so, did you change versions when switching to 1.8? Possibly it was outdated before?

    I'll look into this, particularly to make sure Magic still loads OK without Vault. Thanks!
  5. I am using the newest version of vault and magic in both the hack client server and 1.8 test server
  6. I was trying to use a command block to summon an automata at a certain coords but having no success. Could you send me an example? What I am noticing is that the automata consumes the command block that creates it so I cant use it again. I would like the automata create a few blocks above the command block so I can hide the command block underground and keep unsing it.
  7. This will spawn one 24 blocks up and 24 blocks towards X from the command block you put it in:

    Code (Text):
    cast hunter tx ~24 ty ~24 tz ~0 material stained_clay seed_radius 2 level 1 cooldown 30000
    It uses stained clay, always spawns a level 1 Hunter (it's random otherwise) and has a cooldown of 30 seconds.

    I tried this out, and it works- but I will note that Hunters still don't "cleanup" after themselves, depending on how they're killed. I'm hoping to make this work eventually, but it's all really complicated.

    So you might end up with an arena full of Hunter carcasses. It's easy to add a command block that cleans it up though.
  8. I tried using this on a command block. It said it was born but I cannot find it. I have no idea where it spawned. I even tried different coordinates.
  9. Make sure you have the tilda ~ in there- that makes the coordinates relative. ~0 should be on top of the command block.

    I guess make sure you're on the latest dev build, though this should have been working before. I did just test it on my server, as you saw :)
  10. Ya I had the ~ like you showed but it still didnt spawn in the right location. It said it was born but i have no idea where
  11. I got it to work using different coords. I used tx ~0 ty ~10 tz ~0 so it spawns 10 blocks above the command block.
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  12. NathanWolf updated Magic with a new update entry:

    Spell Shops and Animated Spells

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  13. NathanWolf updated Magic with a new update entry:

    Shop and Laser Hotfix

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  14. Is anyone using nocheatplus with this? Does it work or are there too many false positives?
  15. I've worked with a server using NCP before - mainly you have to turn off the fly checks but otherwise I think it's ok. Your milage may vary of course!

    You're welcome... I think? For what? :D
  16. Hi I am setting up the shops and I was folloeing you magic shops video but it doesnt show how to allow the NPC to sell wands. It keeps telling me unknown when I try to set one up.
  17. I don't include a wand shop in the default configs. You'd have to config that up yourself. Just follow the bookshop as an example.
  18. Is there a command to upgrade spell levels say move the Magic Missile from level I to level II?