Spigot Magic 10.7.1

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  1. Should I turn the npc to a trader to sell the wands?
  2. NathanWolf


    Yes - spell levels are each their own spell, and their names follow a special format. For instance,

    /wand add missile|2

    That character is a pipe, like shift+backspace I think.
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  3. NathanWolf


    Sure, either way.
  4. The issue I have with using and NPC as a trader is that the wands are bound to me so I cannot give them to the npc to sell. I tried making him sell wands but it says it doesnt exist.
  5. NathanWolf


    If you want to use traders, make sure you don't hold the wand before putting it in the trader, or it will bind to you.

    Otherwise, you can make a wand shop pretty easily in magic via configs, there is no in-game management for magic shops.
  6. Thanks again for all your help.
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  7. Got it all to work with the shops. I appreciate all your hard work. This is going to make an awesome server for us.
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  8. how does the rank up work? is it like 400xp to upgrade to student? I want to try and make PEX ranks based on the plugin. Can this be done?
  9. NathanWolf


    Yes, it can be- you may have noticed that's how it works on my server.

    But no, that's not how ranking up works by default, though you could sell rank upgrades if you wanted.

    The default configs will rank you up when you have completed each level- that is, obtained all the spells for that level.

    You can tell Magic to run commands when a player ranks up, which is how I've got my server set up to change their PEX rank:


    I will note that PEX is not great for this, since there's no way to say "rankup <rank>". I just have it adding groups, so once a player is maxed out they actually have like 5 groups (student, apprentice, master, engineer, architect)- and I can't get it to play along with any custom groups they are, like for mods or special VIP titles. Kind of a pain.
  10. NathanWolf


    NathanWolf updated Magic with a new update entry:

    New Spells!

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  11. NathanWolf


    NathanWolf updated Magic with a new update entry:

    Mana Regen Bugfix .. Magic Hats!

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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  12. how do we get hats?
  13. how do I allow a player to log in with a beginner wand? DO I put that in the config.yml? If so, how do I show it.
  14. I think that's the default way the plugin is setup if I recall. You don't have to change the config.yml unless you want to change the default settings which are in a sub folder (you don't change those files)
  15. My players do not get an item when they join the server. I was wondering if I needed to say it on another plugin or if I can create it in the config plugin.
  16. NathanWolf


    You put welcome_wand in config.yml, like this:

    welcome_wand: beginner

    You can also use an Essentials starter kit.

    As for the hats, it's just like any other magic item, so

    /mgive magichat

    But they are kind of broken in 4.7.1 - they'll randomly disappear. I think it's fixed in the most recent dev build.
  17. Speaking of disappearing... I sometimes have items vanish like mob/boss drops or armor on a stand when people use the Fireball spell. Is that normal?
  18. Thanks again. Server almost ready to open in beta mode. I have given up on getting the phase spell to change the world. I did get PEX to work with your plugin with the ranks though so I'm happy.
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  19. NathanWolf


    The default fireball is explosive - so like a ghast fireball I think it's explode items - but I honestly don't know about armor stands ... They are entities so I guess they get damaged as such?
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  20. NathanWolf


    The other side is kinda complex to set up... But you can always do it later too! Sorry you had to give up on it.

    Can't wait to see your server :)