Spigot Magic 10.7.1

Add fully customizable magic wands, items, spells, mobs and more to your server!

  1. The plugins looks great but the explenation is not that big
  2. NathanWolf


    Please see the official site for info (there is a link in the main post)


    There is also a dynamic site where you can look at all the spells, wands, crafting recipes and other info:


    If you have specific questions not covered by any of that, please ask! :)
  3. I've having a hard time understanding how to disable spells. Could you please clarify?

    I copied my spells files from the default folder, renamed it to spells.yml and added 'enabled: false' to the ones I wanted disabled. This is not working for me.
  4. Also PLEASE add grief prevention support! I don't want the damaging spells to work on claimed land.
  5. NathanWolf


    You don't need to copy the whole file- generally that's a bad idea.

    But putting the spell key and "enabled: false" should work. Like:

    Code (Text):
      enabled: false
    This goes in spells.yml in your plugins/Magic folder. If it's still not working, pastebin me your configs and I'll take a look!
  6. NathanWolf


    I'm not familiar with this plugin. I can add it to the list, but whether or not that happens depends a lot on how ready that plugin is for integration.
  7. I have also noticed that the spell 'seek' when used on a large chest will duplicate the items.

    EDIT: Also grief prevention is a widely used plugin and I'm sure it's ported for integration pretty well. The developer of that plugin is all about integration.
  8. NathanWolf


    I didn't see any source code or api docs, but I have asked the dev so we'll see where that goes! If he has something simple I can call like "can player X build at location Y?" It should be pretty easy.

    I don't have a "seek" spell ...... ? Is it Peek? (Which shouldnt do anything to chests...)
  9. Seek*
    When players use seek on a chest it will duplicate everything in the chest in a lower empty space inside the chest.
  10. NathanWolf


    I really don't have a Seek spell.
  11. could I get custom image map configure or detail instructions?

    It's little bit hard to using and understanding even refering bukkit instruction pages.
  12. NathanWolf


    Yeah I think I do need to update those docs. When I do, the updated pages will be here:


    As I am phasing out the DBO docs.

    The short of it is you use "/cast camera <url>" to create an image map. If used in-game, it has to be a short URL due to chat length restrictions, so like

    Code (Text):
    /cast camera url http://i.imgur.com/UUyPoDi.png
    You can also give it a name, which will make it easier to find later, and also name the photo for you:

    Code (Text):
    /cast camera url http://i.imgur.com/UUyPoDi.png name Daft

    To retrieve maps you've created before, use

    Code (Text):
    /magic list maps
    Or, to search for a map use

    Code (Text):
    /magic list maps Daft

    Results of both are shown above. You can then summon an existing map without knowing the original URL by

    Code (Text):
    /cast camera id 1097
    That's pretty much the basics. Images will be auto-scaled to fit on a 128x128 map canvas by default. You can scale and crop yourself with the x, y, width and height parameters- for instance

    Code (Text):
    /cast camera url http://i.imgur.com/UUyPoDi.png x 100 y 100 width 128 height 128
    Will produce the following cropped image:


    Hope that helps! Let me know if there's anything I missed, or any questions you still have.

    .. And now to re-write this post for my wiki... :D
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  13. OMG. Thank you very much!! You are good Friend!
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  14. NathanWolf



    For those of you directly using my resource pack from S3, you get new wands today!

    Courtesy of my friend Droobledore of Potterworld .. they are pretty epic in my opinion!

    Beginner -> Master

    Engineer -> Architect

    Engineer/Architect, First Person
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  15. NathanWolf


    NathanWolf updated Magic with a new update entry:

    More Shops, Bug Fixes

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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  16. NathanWolf


    The latest dev build (#863 and higher) has GriefPrevention integration, it will be a feature in Magic 4.9.
  17. Does this plugin have any issue working with Ancient Gates? I am having an issue creating cross server gates with this server. All my other servers work fine.
  18. NathanWolf


    Not that I know of, and I can't imagine why it would. I'm not familiar with that plugin, though. Can you try removing Magic to see if that's the problem?
  19. I figured it out. I got it to work. Nothing with the Magic plugin thanks.
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  20. @NathanWolf
    Hello, you may remember me from bukkit.dev.

    I've found pretty serious bug, which needs to be fixed ASAP. If you put down double chest, put some items in top-half of it, then cast any spell which destroys/alters right part of that chest, all items are duplicated from top-half to bottom-half once spell is rolled-back/undoed.
    See screenshots (I've used spell Peek for this example):
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