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  1. Hi! Welcome to the spigot forums :)

    And yeah that does sound pretty serious - darn double chests. I will have to take a look - my guess is that's something vanilla does to try and save double chest contents when you break half of it ... I'll have to figure some way around that.
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  2. Oh, one temporary (or not) workaround would be to modify the indestructible list, as in put this in materials.yml:

    Code (Text):
    - bedrock
    - barrier
    - chest
    That should prevent spells from ever modifying chests, perhaps avoiding this issue.
  3. Thank you for this workaround. It solved the problem for me and I could enable Magic once again.
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  4. @NathanWolf
    How can I put magic hat on my head? I've found something in messages under "alternate" action, but I can't figure out how to invoke it in game.
  5. Just aim up and swing it ;)

    You'll see a few alternate-cast action sets in the configs. Spells can run different actions if you aim straight up or down, or if you are sneaking when you cast it.
  6. Nice thank you, but when I aim up with hat a click, message about it being put on my head appears, but hat is not visible (neither on my hat or in the slot) until I re-login. When I click "empty" helm slot in my inventory, hat appears on my cursor and I can put it back to my hand. I tried to put it on my head using essentials /hat and it worked (hat was visible). Is this problem only on my server?

    EDIT: It only glitches if I right-click, left-clicking works as it should.
  7. Oh, weird! I don't normally right click with it - I will have to try that, seems weird it'd make a difference.

    EDIT: Fixed in latest dev build... after a bit of puzzling over what exactly was going weird with it, I just put a 1-tick delay in the config for that spell :p

    I guess something to do with taking the item out of your hand while you're "interacting" with it. I guess.
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  8. I'm now wondering what version you are running- are you on 4.8?

    I'm thinking I maybe fixed this already. I had put in some fixes to chests in 4.8, in that it will forcibly clear the chest inventory when modifying a chest, but before changing the block... in any case, I'm having some trouble reproducing the issue, following your exact steps. If you were testing on 4.8, I'll try harder! :)
  9. First I tried it with 4.7 and there it was even worse. You could just blast/peek whole chest and duplication occured. After 4.8 update it got harder, because I had to peek just right part of chest, but it is still present.
    This was pretty serious on my server, because I sell VIP packages as items and user can trade them with others using in-game money afterwards.
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  10. Ummm, so I figured out, that previous workaround did not work for all cases. Try placing chest (double or single, doesn't matter) to a 1 block hole in the ground, put there some items. Now cast Peak on it, open chest, pick all items from chest, wait for spell undo/rollback, open chest and items are there in the chest again. "indestructible:" really made chest not affected by spells itself, but it is still affected by automatic undo/rollback. I had to disable Magic again :(
  11. Awww - crud. That is a separate issue I'll need to address.

    I'll also try harder to reproduce the half-chest issue. I'm now wondering if it depends on chest orientation.

    EDIT: Update on the chest issue- seems to only happen to double chests facing East. And happens whether half or the whole chest is converted, I think. Hopefully I can narrow in on a fix.
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  12. I am having issues with normal members being able to buy magic items from the NPCs. is there a permission to allow this? Only oped people are able to use it
  13. You can remove permission to cast the shop "spells" if you want. E.g.

    Code (Text):
  14. Thanks another thing i just noticed is I give everyone a beginner wand when they start but the spell doesnt cause damage. My mods can do damage but members cant. Here are the permissions I have for normal members:


    Is there a permission I'm missing to cause damage? I checked my worldguard and everything is fine there.
  15. They're not in a no-pvp region? Or do you have PVPManager, Towny, or anything like that?

    You can do

    /magic check NathanWolf

    To list various permissions for a player, it may show you what's up.
  16. It seems to be magic missile that does not cause any damage. I upgraded a wand to have an arrow and it causes damage. Even a level 2 magic missile was not causing any damage. Normal members cannot do /magic check it says they do not have permission.
  17. That's why you, as an admin, do /magic check <playername> ;)

    Could be something like NCP preventing players doing damage at a distance?
  18. Ok, I have a new build for you!

    This turned out to be quite a bit of re-work, so this build is a little more "experimental" than most. I've done extensive testing myself, though, and everything seems to be working properly.

    If you want, feel free to come on my server and test it out a bit before you re-enable - but I'm hoping it's good to go! Let me know if you have any more issues, or find more bugs/exploits- thank you for pointing these out.
  19. Do the players need to be online when I do it? Cuz when I type /magic check [playername] it always says check for Doggmatic and not the persons name.
  20. Yes, they need to be online. This is not really a permission check, it's a context check. It's best if they're holding a wand with Magic Missile active. It matters where the player is standing. It can be run from the console.

    It will tell you about PVP flags, is the main thing you want to see.