Spigot Magic 7.7.6

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  1. K i tested it out on an admin and here are the results:

    magic missile requires build: false
    magic missile requires pvp: true
    magic missile has build: false
    can cast magic missile: true

    how do i make them all true?
  2. Thanks!
    I've tried scenarios that I've previously reported and it seems it is fixed.
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  3. They don't all need to be true- but if it says "can cast" then it shouldn't be a casting issue.

    Do you have NCP? (I have asked about this previously)- or anything else that would be blocking player damage from a distance?
  4. Oh, excellent, thank you!

    If I got all the bugs worked out, this should be a much more solid implementation of undo. I made the handling for "attached" blocks smarter (this is what was adding the second unmodified half of a double-check), and am using raw NBT for storing and respawning chests. Turns out when I ask Bukkit for the Inventory of a double chest, it gives me the whole inventory regardless of which chest block I've asked for. Whoops!
  5. I'm not sure what NCP is
    If NCP you mean NoCheatPlus, yes I have it. I will play with it and see if it makes a difference.
  6. Thanks again. I changed some things in NCP and it worked. Now to get the shops working and I am all set. Idk if its a permission I'm not giving them from citizens or dtltrader but none of the shops work.
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  7. If you're using dtlTraders, I may be able to help- it ought to be working, though I haven't tested recently on "vanilla" Spigot. Are you trying wands or spells? Can you describe what's going wrong?
  8. When players right click on any shop not just magic shops it says you can't use that here. I'm gonna try and play around more with NCP and see if thats an issue still. I have added all the perms for citizens and dtltraders needed.
  9. NathanWolf updated Magic with a new update entry:

    Native Schematics! (Exploit, Bug fixes, new spells...)

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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  10. Thanks for fixing the dupe bug with the Peek* spell. :)
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  11. Could you add support with the 'EnchantPlus' plugin here on spigotmc? Players wands can only be enchanted to a level so high before 'Enchantplus' plugin prevents them from going any higher.
  12. Generally I find it very difficult to build against private/premium plugins. The thought of buying a plugin so I can test that my integration works is not super appealing either :)

    I suspect it'd be easier to add a "maximum enchant count" to Magic, though for that to make any kind of sense you'd probably have to completely customize the enchanting configs.
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  13. Heck, if you think you could get this to work then I would buy the plugin for you and also donate to this project. My players absolutely love this plugin.
  14. I didn't see anything on that page clearly defining how to limit # of enchants on an item.

    Is that what you were thinking, you just want to be able to limit the number of times a wand can be enchanted? Or did you want more sorts of integration with that plugin, like having their custom enchants on a wand?
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  15. Well I guess I should of started with the issue of my players being limited currently to only about 22 spells per wand before they get the message "you cannot enchant this weapon any higher". I was thinking the enchanting process was bugging out somewhere.
  16. Yes, probably :)

    There is no hard limit to enchanting right now. It just enchants until there's no more progress to be made.

    Have you customized your configs in some way? I fixed an issue semi-recently with progression and disabled spells.
  17. @NathanWolf
    I've found another dupe bug. Using spell harden on chest with items, removing items before spell undo, opening chest after undo. Items are put to chest again (you have those you removed from it and another appears in chest).
  18. Oh, even though harden doesn't actually change the block? hrm.. yeah that seems off. I'll take a look, hopefully easier to fix than the last one.
  19. Just a quick note to say THANK YOU to all the people who have reviewed Magic. I wish there was a way to "reply all" in the Reviews area, but suffice it to say I appreciate all your warm comments and praise!
  20. Yea it does not change the block, but it still rolls back the chest placed in it's area of effect.