Spigot MagicSpells 3.5

Make your server uniquely yours

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    MagicSpells - Make your server uniquely yours

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  2. Just a note, this resource page is under development and will be spruced up within the month.

    We just wanted to show you guys that MagicSpells is still alive!
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  3. does not work on 1.13.1
  4. upload_2018-10-28_23-57-23.png
    It does not say that we support 1.13 yet.
  5. how does this plugin work? Does it still use the /c and /c reload kinds of commands?
  6. Yes it does. For more information check out the discord!
  7. Are you guys still working on this plugin at all? Will there be a push for 1.13 compatibility?
  8. magicspells 3.5 version is very nice idea..
    but this plugin very difficult than original magicspells
    I make many spells but these spells doesn't work in this plugin
    please show me how to use this plugin
    and Please make Korean language compatible
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  9. 3.5 is the same as older versions besides newer sounds and such. As stated, support is found at the discord.

    MagicSpells 4.0 supports 1.13-1.15. However it is still in beta and will be released here when a "release" build is available.
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  10. Hi, is there an update to 1.16 version planned ?

  11. Awesome What about the Memory plugin.??? I DL'd magicspells 4.0 but I dont find any new memory for anything past 1.13 ?? Im already using 1.16 and the 4.0 MS works but lots of failed spell stuff. so meh.. waiting for a good version 1.16 but need memory to go along with it