Spigot MagnetChests | [1.7-1.14] 0.0.4

Create magnetic chests that stores your items automatically

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    MagnetChests | [1.7-1.12] - Create magnetic chests that stores your items automatically

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  2. Does this have a trapped chest function too?
  3. Not yet, but will be added in v 0.0.2 :)
  4. i don't know how possible this is but maybe you could add like enderchests, hoppers, dispensers, droppers and other functioning blocks too?
  5. Sure, but not ender chests ( would be possible, yes but would fill up the closest player to the chest everytime ) but sounds like a cool idea ;)
  6. I have a feeling this would mess up with like protection chest plugins like LWC or Lockette. does it respect like chest protection plugins?
  7. Yea it would mess up with those Plugins / items would constantly be added to the inventory
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  8. Enchanted items are detected?
  9. Every item that is around the configured magnet radius
  10. But if i drop an enchanted item and the item is pickuped by the chest, the item don't lose the enchantment?

    Sorry for my english.
  11. the item won't be lost, either the same copy of the item will be added to the inventory or if the inventory is filled up, then it won't be added.
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  12. Will there be an update on version 1.14.1?
  13. Yes