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    Mail [40% OFF - Initial Sale] - Best mail system out there. [Item sending]

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  2. xxtreepuncherxx


    Okay, I love the idea of this, Nice work. I would really love to see a mail send all feature like in Essentials Mail. Also some kind of alert when you sign on if you have waiting mail. Thank you for this resource.
  3. Log in notifications are already implemented. However they don't alert you as much as Essentials.
  4. Will do :)

    Edit: just went through it and it already does this?
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  5. I find the ui very confusing to the point that I don't really feel happy putting it on a live server. Composing messages particularly. A simpler interface, with less of the crazy commands that pop up in chat and sql support and it would be great ^^
  6. I highly doubt this will happen. The whole idea of the plugin was to have this exact interface. As for MySQL, this will likely happen if the DEV decides to go through with it.
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  7. SQL is on the upcoming features list.

    As for the UI i can't really make it any other way, I can try a few things but they wouldn't make to much difference
  8. I think even just spacing out the + - ! Icons in some way would clean it up a bit.
  9. Celebrimbor


    Looks unlike any other mail plugins!
    But the explanation is far too limited for a premium resource.

    Before I buy:
    Need more screenshots or demo video.
    Need the example config and what the capabilities are (whether the server owner can change or remove features)
    What and how the login and new mail notifications would look like.
    If there can be limitations to mail sent so a player can't sendall 100 times.

    Just too much unknown for me to devote money to something that may not be what I need.

    The notifications are really basic. Nothing fancy worth showing tbh.

    There really is no config.
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  11. Celebrimbor


    Way to disable the item sending? This would KILL my server.
    Thank you for the video!
  12. I don't think there is, and np.
  13. Just added ability to disable Item Sending
  14. The video was removed? If you still have it would i be able to add it to the main page? I suck at making videos xD
  15. I can make you an other one. That video was a private video for my server. I wouldn't feel comfortable having it on the main page.
  16. Okay, that would be great :) thanks, ill be putting more screenshot up aswell.
  17. Just put a whole load of screenshots on the main page :)