Main class not found. Path location specified correctly! Help!

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  1. Link to EVERYTHING:

    Please reply fast

    Spigot BuildTools 1.8.6 r0.1 SNAPSHOT
    Plugin Jar: Spigot 1.8.6 r0.1 SNAPSHOT
    Program: Eclipse
    Server version tested on: Spigot BuildTools 1.8.6 r0.1 SNAPSHOT
    When I made this: yesterday
    Goal: Remove high memory usage - other plugins
    I need help fast!
    Thanks in advance
  2. can we have a paste of your Main class?
  3. My Main class is in the pastebin file
  4. Its the "My Program"
  5. Code (Text):
    so then your path to main should be

    Code (Text):
  6. Assuming line 58 of the Pastebin is correct, use:
    Code (Text):
    @ismooch, you're partly correct, but OP can't spell random right.
  7. Nuuuuuuu... not partly.... nuuuuu
  8. Well it's better than OP's first attempt, but not fully correct/working ;)
  9. no thats just the path,

    Because the Main class has to be under the package named SomeRandomnPackage and SomeRandomnPackage should should be under the src and the src has to be under the project name in Eclipse.

    Basically the location is copied from my other working plugins so I know the file location should be correct cuz it matches my other plugins, [WhenJoinDoFireWork] and [Hub].

    It's the SomeRandomnPlugin

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  10. Whatever I meant random :p
  11. Can anyone please help?
  12. omg found the problem it was the package name - it was supposed to be me.SomeRandomnPackage.(Something)