Bungee - Proxy Maintenance Mode 1.1

Easily restrict access to your bungee corded servers for maintenance.

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    Maintenance Mode - Easily restrict access to your bungee corded servers for maintenance.

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  2. The default whitelist does not remove current players from the server. Nor does it allow for custom messages.
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  3. Looks pretty interesting. A neat feature would be to have a universal command.

    /mm all enable
    - Kicks all the players on the proxy (in the non-fallback servers) to the fallback-servers, and prevents them from rejoining until we type /mm all disable

    Caveats: "all" in the command could also be confused with the name of a server if someone has named the instance "all"
  4. Love the idea. Will add it asap. Thanks for the suggestion! :)
  5. good ressource
  6. But i can'tt change message
  7. Which message would you be referring to? Both onJoin and onKick can be set in the config.
  8. Hey,

    I can't join a server in maintenance. I gave me this permissions:


    First I tried config.yml of BungeeCord. 2nd in PEX, an in both systems. But I can't connoect to a server, which is in maintenance mode.

    Any ideas?
  9. Strange, I am looking into the issue and will post an update when it is resolved. Permissions are to be handled on the proxy, server permissions will have no effect.

    In order to use "MaintenanceMode.bypass.*" you will have to use a permissions plugin. I recommend BungeePerms as it is what I use to test with. The default permissions does not support the use of '*'. I will be working on a work around however for now a plugin must be used or servers specified individually.
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  10. Hey,

    I tried with:
    Now it's working flawless. Thanks a lot.
  11. Hey,

    when all servers, including fallback servers, are in maintenace mode, I'm getting this message, when I try to connect:
    It would be nice to have a customized message, when all servers are in maintenance, and someone tries to connect.

  12. Thank you for the suggestions. I will be working on a v2 of Maintenance Mode this week. Changes and improvements will be as followed.
    + Ability to set message per server
    + Ability customize all messages
    + Create server groups
    + Create player groups
    + Permit and block players with commands and permissions
    - Remove Yamler dependency
  13. TheOnlyRealTGS


    It seems like you get the message "Unable to connect to the fallback servers" no matter what when enabled :(
  14. Is v2 coming anytime or have you given up?
  15. For people using bungee and having an issue with fallback servers, use this plugin http://www.spigotmc.org/resources/movemenow.17/ when a server is down they will be kicked to the fallback server and if they trying to join a server that's under maintenance, a message will tell players that its under maintenance
  16. It has been quite a while since posting this and it's time for an update. I am actively working on the resource but would like to know what you think as far as features. Currently, this is what I have or am implementing.

    *Fallback methods
    First: send players to the first available server specified
    Random: send the players to any fallback server
    Even: evenly distributes the players amongst all fallback servers
    *Fallback Chaining
    When a server is unreachable, they are sent to a fallback server. If that server is not available, they can then be sent to a fallback server for the original fallback server.
    *Servers able to set
    Custom messages for all events
    Fallback settings including Server Prioritization, fallback chaining and adding individual servers or groups
    *Groups used to classify a subset of servers under one title
    Make changes to all servers at once (individual settings will override group settings)

    This is an example config file
    Code (Text):
    def_onNoFallback: ""
    def_onNotify: ""
    def_onJoin: ""
    def_onDisable: ""
    def_onKick: ""
    def_onWarn: ""
    def_onWarnTimer: ""

    def_fallbackMethod: EVEN
    chainFallbacks: true

        - Lobby1
        - Lobby2
        disabled: true
          - Lobbies
        - Mini1
        - Mini2
        - Mini3

        onKick = "Server entered maintence mode"
          method: FIRST
          chain: true
          - SurvivalLobby
          - Lobbies
  17. Quick Update:

    I am still working on the refresh to this resource. I have had some great progress and hope to have a release within the next couple weeks. I would like to add that this is a full re-write and am open to feature requests while I am still in the development process. If you are still interested in this resource please feel free to contact me or post on this discussion for potential early access. This also helps motivate me to spend more time and get this done faster and better.
  18. Maintenance Mode v2.0.0 is almost ready for release. Some of the new features are as follows:
    - Server specific settings
    - More specific messaging
    - Proper permission support
    - Server Grouping
    - Group specific settings
    - Removed Yamler dependency
    - Improved server validation
    - Tab completion commands
    - Full control of all settings with in-game commands
    And more to be announced!
  19. How is Maintenance Mode v2.0.0 coming a long @TrueMiles ? :D