Spigot Maintenance Mode BETA v2.2

Manage your server like never before.

  1. ElieTGM updated Maintenance Mode with a new update entry:

    Added merge option and kick on un-whitelist.

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  2. Added it, use /mm merge then add a ' before and after the name of each person manually in the config.yml then run /mm reload in the server.
  3. I installed the latest version then went to enable it, it worked fine except for the fact that my protocol didn't work even though it was in 'Maintenance' in the config. Then, I went to disable it and enable ServerListPlus and my server shut off. wtf. No errors.
  4. The plugin doesn't work with Bungeecord?
  5. I'll be releasing an update by the end of this weekend with ProtocolLib dependency removed and an Alfa bungee version
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  6. You need to have ProtocolLib installed/enabled.
  7. "The end of this weekend"
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  8. How to disable whitelist? All my players is auto in whitelist after 5 mins on. So i need to turn it off.
  9. Hi mate, I am itching to give you 5 stars but can I ask just a couple of questions please:

    1. I run a Bungee server (many servers off bungee) so do I need to put your plugin on every server?

    2. One fellow asked for the bungee version, would this suite me better and if so what version do you recommend with 1.11.2?

    Thank you

  10. Perfect, I have the same questions as Spy

    With an addition. When I have one of my servers in maintenance mode, am I able to still setup and test plugins, basically still have connectivity to all my other servers via the off line server?
  11. A bungee-bukkit version will be available by the end of this week at most.
  12. Thank you for the reply mate, much appreciated
  13. Is there a github page?
  14. I'll update the jar this weekend for 1.11.2
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  15. Is it possible to turn those 60 secs, 120 secs and etc in to 1 minute, 2 minute, 3 minutes?
  16. I'm currently doing a hard recode on Maintenance, it should be out by the end of next week at most. It has much more features than this current version. (I'm talking scoreboards, titles, fireworks and such).
  17. Hi, Love the idea of this plugin but it wont work on 1.11.2 just gives me error codes and never starts the countdown.

    Is there an ETA on the new recode you are doing ??

    Thanks Rob.