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Major bug

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by Mrchasez, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. We upgraded to #325 from #24 last night.
    Immediately everyone noticed this major bug.
  2. /gamerule mobGriefing 0
  3. Whats that going to do for this bug?
  4. Running #325, can't reproduce.

    Sure it isn't a plugin?
  5. PhanaticD


    did u right click to put those on? it might be whatever plugin does that
  6. octagami


    This isn't specific to Spigot, nor is it a plugin bug. It was introduced in Craftbukkit R0.3 dev builds. It was thought to be fixed, but may not be entirely:

    I ran into this in a bad way on my server over the weekend, but in a downgrade scenario:
    1) Started off running CB Beta R0.2
    2) Upgraded to CB Dev R0.3 (#2530)
    3) We ran into some bad block/inventory lag with R0.3, so decided to downgrade
    4) Downgraded to CB Beta R0.2

    After the downgrade, every player who had played during R0.3 was affected by the glitch. Players who had only ever played on R0.2 were unaffected.

    The fix was to restore the player.dat files for every affected player from a pre-R0.3 backup. I had to do this for over 50 people, which required wiping inventories on the backup files to avoid duping. Sort of ruined my Sunday.

    I wish I had known to try the /gamerule mobGriefing 0 workaround. I'm curious if it works and why.
  7. You can't downgrade once you go to newer version. CB sets some NBT data, which if your not using newer CB which handles when that is set on players, itll break things like this.
  8. octagami


    Good to know. If only I hadn't learned that the hard way. That certainly increases the risk of experimenting with dev builds.
  9. So how do i fix this? I have over 45 thousand player files. Do i delete them all?

    Edit: /gamerule mobGriefing 0 fixed it -.-
  10. I told you...What did I say, I posted that in less than 1 hour, yet you seize to believe me.
  11. I am having a hard time believing it right now
  12. PhanaticD


    u never seize to amaze me
  13. mobGriefing skips the relevant section of code causing the problem