Major Entity Lag (100 player server)

Discussion in 'Performance Tweaking' started by Lerqz, Jul 15, 2018.

  1. Hey,

    My server has crazy entity lag anytime we receive over 50-60 players online. In the timings below, you can see the TPS (it is stuck on 9 TPS as I'm writing this) with only 76 people online. This is a major concern on my server and I've been trying to get it patched with Mob Stacker & by playing around with the Spigot config.

    If anyone has some points that can help resolve this issue, could you please assist below


    Spigot Config
  2. Benz56

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    It seems as if the nether world is the culprit. There sure are a lot of both pigmen and tile entities. There also seems to be a ton of Iron golems and Creepers.

    Mob stacking will probably increase your tps by a lot.
  3. I've got that plugin, I'll do a little more playing around (I think Zombie Pigman are on the do-not stack list so I'll change it up to see if results differ) but yeah other than that it still seems to be an issue
  4. Hey Lerqz. Do you have wild mobs enabled? If not, your issue could be a particular players zombie pigman farm, as there's a lot of pigmen and chickens being ticked in the nether. If their farm is not set up right, you could have thousands of them just sat there. Does your mob stacking plugin stack infinitely, or only up to a certain number?

    Do you have a plugin clearing entities regularly?
  5. Butcher all entities so all new entities begin to stack.While your at it increase the 'stack-max' as well to perhaps 30.