Major Memory Leak

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  1. So. I have no were else to turn. My hub has a horrible mem leak (Can't even last 4-5 hours at peak times without running out of ram)

    Im running my hub on an E3-1270 and it has 14 gb of ram allocated to it.

    Today, i actualy went so far that i disabled EVERY plugin accept janus. So i had 1 plugin running on the server, janus which is for bungeecoord. Yet it still ran out of ram at the same pace... I tried updating my spigot, which i updated to build #735, still nothing. I reset my bukkit.yml, nothing, changed stuff in the bukkit.yml, still nothing...

    Ive changed my startup script multiple times..

    My current one:

    I honestly have NO idea now.

    Ram usage graph:

    The giant down spike is a restart, then the other down spike is a reload, which we disabled essentials.

    Is it possible it could be the map?

    I have also noticed that it can stay up for up to 10 hours over night, well less players are online, but during peak times it will even run out in 3 hours sometimes. Also note that maybe 50,000 unique players may go through my hub in 5-7 hours at peak times
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    My hub has the same issue. I have restart-on-crash on and every time I log into remote desktop I see like 20 paused windows of hub server stopped...
  5. I literally disabled every plugin accept janus, so i had 1 plugin running, and it still had a mem leak, i even went as far as moving my spawn to a newly generated map.. and have tried maybe 5 spigot builds and a few craftbukkit builds. My next plan is to start a new server from scratch, download all the plugins and paste my spawn on it, see what happens from there.
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    Do we know that its a server problem? When is the last time you have done box maintenance, updating your kernal etc.?
  7. I have had this box for maybe 2 months, the other 2 servers on it seem to run fine.. anyways Ive had this mem leak when my hub was on a different node.