Suggestion Make a wiki for how to code scoreboards!

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  1. All the current scoreboards tutorials out there are 1.7 using BukkitOfflinePlayer or something, also I don't know if its just me being a noob but I cant seem to reference other class methods into other classes. Such as if I wanted to reference a method from Class 1 to Class 2, I don't know why it breaks but it says can not register event blah blah blah. So I wanted to make a scoreboard for every kill it would update the scoreboard. Scoreboard doesnt even work ;_;... so someone i beg of you! MAKE A WIKI FOR IT.
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    I think this would be useful for the Plugin Snippets category, if a knowledgeable developer wanted to tackle it.
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  3. I'll have a tinker tommorow and see if I can create a solution.
  4. Is there something wrong with what I linked?
  5. Its outdated and doesnt show how you reference from other class files.
  6. No, I feel like spigot needs it's own page though. There's also something useful that's not mentioned in there.
  7. Why does Spigot need its own page? Its like Kubuntu needing every wiki page off of Ubuntu.
  8. It's obvious to anyone who knows Java....
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  9. It's not outdated, the method hasn't changed in 1.8, it's same method for scoreboards, so if someone will going to make a 1.8 tutorial for scoreboards it will be SAME as the 1.7.10 one because the method is same.

    If you mean with how to reference from other class file to modify it/access it from other class file that would be pure Java(learn to code and how to access things/variables from other class file, and you are good to go) and not scoreboard.
  10. They use the BukkitGetOfflinePlayer don't they? Its deprecated.
  11. But is there any other way to set an objective score without setting it as an offline and fake player?
  12. I do not know of any thats why I want a 1.8 tutorial.
  13. There is not a 1.8 tutorial because the single way to set an objective score is to set it as an offline player, so you still have to use the 1.7.10 thing.
  14. It's only deprecated when used with a name. Pass a UUID in instead to access it without deprecation. The tutorial doesn't even use it either. You can pass whatever name you want into it:
    Code (Text):
    Score score = objective.getScore(ChatColor.GREEN + "Kills:"); //Get a fake offline player
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    Finding an old thread on a forum for discontinued software is harder than searching the wiki of a project fork of a well-maintained project. :p
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  16. Google "bukkit scoreboards". First result is the tutorial.
  17. That sounds great