Make an Iron Golem target players

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by Gush, Jun 27, 2015.


    I'm working on an arena plugin and I'm trying my hand at the custom mobs tutorial with the link above. I guess something's aren't as clear to me as some of you guys.

    I'm curious as how to create a listener for these mobs like how would I get if a mob was hit.

    Specifically, how would I get an irongolem custommob class to never attack another mob and only attack other players
  2. We'll I figured out the listener you would just do event.getentity() instanceof custommobclass I think.

    But can I get someone's example code of doing something with the mob like how I said making so my custom irongolem will just attack players or would I create a method in customirongolem to cancel when targeting an entity other than a player? Is it wrong to have methods in the custommobclass called by the events?