Make beacon beam go through block types

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  1. Is it possible to make beacon beams penetrate certain block types?
    For example, beacon beams go through glass, can I make it do the same for wool?

    I have a BlockOverride class, so all I would need is the Field Name for "beacon transparent" or whatever
  2. If you already know how to use NMS then you can search through the NMS code on how Minecraft checks if the beacon should display.
    But I think that checking if there is a block above the beacon is probably done on the client so you won't have any luck with trying to override it on the server-side.

    EDIT: I found something about this on The beam is checked on the client-side and there is no way to change this behavior server-side.
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  3. Maybe try sendblockchange?:p
  4. Oh wait, its handled client side. My bad!:oops: