Make Command block invisible? With Resource Pack Or Plugin?

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  1. How can I make a command block invisible with a resource pack/plugin? I erased all of it but the trim. And this is what I get:

    This is what it is in the assets/minecraft/textures/blocks.

    So if you know what I'm doing wrong please help! I think it's something to do with the default color underneath but I don't know how to make that transparent.
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  2. Bump needing help fast!
  3. Thanks for the suggestions but, I'm quite confused. I don't know how to code. and your transparency doesn't work. Any more suggestions?
  4. If you install "Skript" and "SkQuery" on your server, restart / start it, then place this code in a file saved as "" in "plugins/Skript/scripts/".


    Just copy that, create a file in the aforementioned directory, and paste it in. Once you've done that, do "/sk reload" -- assuming you name is "".

    When you want to hide a block, left click on it with a sponge (punch it out with a sponge).

    Hope I helped :)
  5. Okay I may have done this wrong but I went to skript folder then to scripts then I made then pasted and did /sk reload and got this.
  6. Because skript is a mess, and that is a really hacky solution.

    x-ray texture packs do not work anymore, and have not for a long time. The only reliable solution is the one i suggested, aside from just not using commandblocks (a plugin is typically going to be better for anything more than simple commands).
  7. I don't know how to code nor where to go on your link.. :(

  8. Well this one works... X-Ray Resource Pack