Suggestion Make member have a minimal post before they can release a plugin

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  1. As the title say, i would like to see the limitation of premium resource also for free resouces for reduce a little user that post stealed and spam plugins
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  2. JamesJ


    I'd say 50+ posts.
    Sounds harsh, but it's not as easy to get 50+ posts as it is 20.
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  3. I agree with this. It stops the resources section being spammed with useless plugins or plugins that do the same as others.
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  4. Maximvdw


    Has anyone concidered that the fact useless plugins show up is because its a requirements for premium ones?..
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  5. JamesJ


    Many times.
  6. Yea this wouldn't really discourage that, they'd need to make posts to post their premium plugin anyway. This is more discouraging for those newly registered accounts that repost a premium resource and say "gogogo download it nao!" before they get banned, or post up a malicious resource. They'd have to go through the effort of making posts and participating in the community before they'd be allowed to post their resource. An argument could be made against it that it might discourage new people from sharing their plugins, but really how many plugins do we want posted from people that can't even take the effort to post in a few threads and participate?
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  7. Maybe make it like 10 posts, not to many but at least they've interacted with the community a bit.
  8. I have to agree with this point, but we still need to encourage new developers (aka noob developers lol). They may become a much more decent person later on.
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    I think making an exorbitantly high post requirement like 50 posts will scare away the weak resources, but also scare away the big developers too. If you've been working on a plugin for a long time, already have an issue tracker set up and a place to seek support (subsequently not wanting to use Spigot Forums to do so), you wouldn't be able to easily meet the requirement, and it would be overly difficult to become complacent with that requirement.

    I think it's fine as it is. Minecraft is a game made for children – almost any Minecraft community will have children in it. As a result, there will always be things like this present. Trying to eliminate it is futile.
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  10. good ideea.... +1 from me