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Discussion in 'Community Feedback and Suggestions' started by belal, Feb 1, 2020.

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  1. Make name changes free but add a delay like 30 days
  2. It requires a lot of work to change a name. That's why you have to "donate" for it.
  3. This thread talks why the name change isn't free, it isn't an "official" answer from the administrator, but the opinion of members of this community. It comes down to those reasons: the perks that comes with the donator is a way for spigotMC to say thank you, many forums out there don't have this perk and lastly even donator can change their name only once in two (2) months.
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  4. MiniDigger


    the only way you can get a name change for free is if your name contains personal data (like your real name), then you can request one via support.
  5. Name changes themselves ARE free. You are not required to pay anything, but they are a perk for donators.
    It's not a "charge" per se to change your name.
    Many places do things like this, ie: tons of servers have a /nick feature for donators.

    The SpigotMC team/staff do a hell of a lot of work around here. Why not throw $10 their way.
    Give a little get a little!!
  6. SteelPhoenix


    This forum is free to use, has no ads, and has plenty of features like publishing plugins (and even premium plugins to encourage devs - spigot makes 0% of these sales). To keep it up and running requires money, and its (main) source is donations. To encourage people to donate there are some minor perks, but not donating does not limit you in any way to use the forums.
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