1.8.8 Make The Impossible !![ Updated String Under PLAYER NAME]

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  1. Hello this would seems impossible to do but i don't bellive in such things .. its so possible if we all worked with each other so , lets get into it ..

    while back i tried to make something it was [tag under player name ]

    i had a kills system so if player have 10 kills it will show A string [rank] bellow player name or above his head ..

    i tried it with ScoreBoard Objective it didn't work out [buggy + have 0 ]
    i tried it with Packets didn't finish to hard for me ..
    i tried with Entity ride player tried slime + armorstand / tried only 2 armrstand it was buggy .. and laggy in some casses ..[i removed the code bcz it was useless .. and didnt work for me ]

    i saw this while back and tried to use it but didn't understand how its work https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/multilineapi.33473/

    so my question is it possible to make a String under Player name with multiaple strings for each player

    like if player 1 have 50 kills he will get a String under His name called [Bronze I] if player 2 have 5 kills it will show to him a String under his name called [Not Ranked] and etc for 100 kills , 500 , 1000 and so on !
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  2. I haven't tried this yet, but I think you can use MultiLineAPI like this:
    Code (Text):
      private MultiLineAPIPlugin api;

      public void onEnable() {
        api = (MultiLineAPIPlugin) getPlugin(MultiLineAPIPlugin.class);
        getServer().getPluginManager().registerEvents(this, this);

      public void onJoin(PlayerJoinEvent event) {

        Tag tag = api.getOrCreateTag(event.getPlayer(), false);

        TagController controller = new DemoController(this);



    (This will use the DemoController from the plugin itself: https://github.com/iso2013/MultiLin...I-Plugin/src/main/java/net/iso2013/mlapi/demo)
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  3. Be careful, I don't know if the API changed. The API from the JavaDoc seems to use 1.16 API.
    And I didn't find working 1.8.8 versions of the dependencys...
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  4. thank you but that is not working for 1.8.8 ....

    still waiting for help ..
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  5. so after days of trying .. it worked fine for 1.16.4 but i could'nt make it work for 1.8.8

    this is my current code .. [using Wrappers from ProtocolLibs] i didnt code this my friend did .. he made it for 1.16.4 but i wanted it for 1.8.8 ... any one can help finish it up?


    i use this classes :