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  1. How would I like big servers, make my a villager in a slow speed build something or quick speed? I would guess that it would be something with an API and then use worldguard/worldedit schematics to save the builds.
  2. Do you actually have any programming experience at all? you are probably not 18 either
    If I understand correctly, just spawn the entity, do some math with it's coordinates, and just place the blocks...
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  3. Interesting concept, though it can be very hard to implement based on your requirements. Would this village fly when it needs to place a block high? Would it have to make natural player movements when building (stacking blocks up to reach higher points)? Or would it simply be a schematic being placed block for block starting at the bottom towards the top?
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  4. 1. Iterate over blocks using a timer
    2. Move villager to block location
    3. Place block
    4. ???
    5. Profit

    On a serious note though, it may be difficult to make it look nice. Like for example, placing the block as soon as the villager gets to the location may require nms. And like @McJeffr mentioned, what if the villager can't get to that block location? Perhaps place the blocks going from the ground up and the villager can use the already placed blocks as scaffolding to be able to reach future block locations.
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    thank you captain obvious.
    when placing the blocks of the schematic, give you have the location of the block about to be placed, have the villager pathfind to that location and once the destination is reached (you can figure this out using the should-execute method in the pathfinder class), place the block. then iterate the next block location and repeat until finished.
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  6. I've programmed in C#, and in Java for a few months, so thanks for being a ignorant fuck.
    Oh, and I'm 17 if that's cool with you? - Yes I can code, and you saying spawn entity's and teleport them is not my question, that an easy solution, that I could've easily figured out myself, but that's not my question. This is my 2nd account, and I forgot I had it, that's why I don't have anything on this account.
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  7. So I read FrostedSnowman and McJeff, and yes it just has to be able to fly from point it doesn't have to like build it up to the point, unless your able too.. I know your can do something with NPC because your able to in skript. (not coding in skript, once did and was able to do this),but if anyone has made something like this with npc, they may tell me.
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    I did not properly read your message, you don't have to be an ass about it.

    You are so very welcome.
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  10. But since your so interested in my birth and everything. My name is Simon, and I was born 14/02 - 2001 = 17 years old, just tell me if you need more information about my personal life.
  11. Ehh, I don't think what's going on in here is really needed to be honest. You two seem to be derailing quite a bit from the original question.
  12. Yup, just forget this post, I will ask a question on my real account, I wrote a mail to spigot, and told them to delete this account, since I weren't aware of it a rule of only having 1 account.
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  15. The citizens DENZIN expansion plugin does this based on schematics
  16. More accurately, you can optionally use Denizen to program the Builder addon. The Builder addon is the one which allows NPCs (including NPC Villagers) to build block-by-block.

    EDIT: Here's how to do it through Denizen -
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