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Discussion in 'Programming' started by Phoenix852, Feb 4, 2020.

  1. I dunno if this is off topic here, but anyways...

    I am trying to make a forum site with html and javascript. I don't want WordPress or blogger because that things are crap. I want my site to be coded by me. I don't know how to make a forum site, please help me. Tell me if I need to learn any other language. Thanks in advance.
  2. Strahan


    You're going to need to learn some sort of back end like PHP, Python, Ruby, .NET, etc. You are also going to want to get conversant with basic SQL. Also for something as involved as a forum, sit down and chart out and plan everything how it will process, UX, database schema, specifications and such before you write one line of code.
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  3. Addendum to the above, you'll also need to acquire extensive knowledge in cyber/software security and pen testing (or have the resources to hire a professional).
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  4. Why to learn penetration testing?
  5. TheJavaHacker


    To make sure your security isn’t shit. If it’s shit, anyone could crack any password in a very short period of time; or fuck up your website with the most simple SQL Injections. Hell, You could do it by using an escape character and inject your own code piss easily.
  6. You can use nodeJS for the backend and as the other mentioned, you must be carful about security.
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  8. Oh, ok
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    I feel like if you need to ask the questions you've asked here, then you're most likely not ready for this.

    There's plenty of existing forum templates out there, find ones that allow modifications/addons and then pick the one that best fits your specific needs. Then you can add existing addons or create your own in order to meet all your needs.
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  10. I can't. I want to make my own site. At least I can make forms for support at first. And then later on I will add forums. Thanks for the help everybody!
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    True, that's very important. In fact, given your apparent inexperience OP, once you get started and get the basic structure setup you may want to consider posting your code for peer review so we can warn you if you are making mistakes that will compromise your project.
  12. Umm... I may not want to post it here. I will dm you when I am done.