Making a huge sun

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  1. Is there a way to make an object way bigger than the 256 height limit? Tell me what you think. It might not even have to be blocks, idk.
  2. Not in any sort of sane way.

    You could suspend hundreds of noAI falling blocks or cartblocks in the sky, but it would be laggy, hard to do and probably end badly.
  3. No, but I think 256 is quite fine, that's really huge when you actually make it.
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  4. The thing is, I'm making my planets (spheres) 256 in diameter
  5. Not possible then.
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  6. The object doesn't even have to exist. You could load always just a part of the object and when the player moves replace it with the next part. This could be quite difficult but you would not have to build such big buildings.
    The part that is loaded of the map should be just as big as the distance that the player can watch.
  7. [​IMG]
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  8. You have to look into forge modding if you wish to do that. I did get into forge a bit but nothing to that scale of what you want to do
  9. This way lies madness. Someone attempted this years back, and we never heard from them or their project again.
  10. Oh god
  11. BananaPuncher714


    Did you try turning the server max build height higher?
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  12. That will not work, that only allows you to lower the max build height you can't increase it beyond 256 correct me if I'm wrong
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  13. BananaPuncher714


    Yeah you're right. It would be better to have several worlds that are on top of one another and contain the corresponding parts of a planet.
  14. What if you make a 3d model and apply the texture to an item. Like a snowball with a giant model set as it's texture colored yellow.

    You can just keep there item in the air above it the max level. But not sure what the max is for a 3d model size
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  15. NathanWolf


    I think there is some max size - roughly the size of a medium-sized car, from what I've seen. But maybe it's possible to make it bigger somehow?

    EDIT: Just tested, don't have exact numbers but it an item bigger than 30x30 (whatever RP units) or so just renders as a purple cube.
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  16. 30x30 placed

    @delanootje has this image on his/her services thread:

    Looks pretty big. It may be possible to get away with placing the object at block 256 and having some sort of offset. When you make the model you add a bunch of padding from the model itself to the center point where the block is placed. This way, you can place it at 256 and have it look 100 blocks higher

    Not sure how it works, but maybe you can possibly put down an item with Q and have that resize a lot. Since it is an item you can teleport it anywhere in the world since it is not a block.

    If @delanootje has any information on this?
  17. NathanWolf


    Dang that is a nice looking car! :D

    Well I suppose you could make it out of pieces and then make like a huge array of armor stands and piece it all together... sounds ambitious :)
  18. Oh that is a good idea!

    Wonder if it is possible to make the model appear 100 blocks higher. Like, in a voxel builder instead of starting at the floor you start at y = 100. When you place the car it will appear 100 higher from where it was placed. If so, then this is a possibility.
  19. NathanWolf


    You could also just spawn them in mid-air with gravity disabled :)

    You can offset things quite a bit in the RP, though I don't know how much. I've gone bigger than 30 though, like I know this works:

    Code (Text):
                "translation": [0, -25, -32],
    But not really sure just how far it will let you go with that.

    I wish I had some concept what units this crazy stuff is in- 1/10 of a block? It's so absurdly weird.
  20. It would be nice is there was an official Mojang API for things sometimes like this.

    But this seems like a promising alternative. Making a sun with a few blocks and using translations to move them higher than 256.

    I've never messed with models but the only other problem I see with this is if the models themselves don't draw if it is above 256 (which I don't think is the case since the parent block would be placed under)