Making a huge sun

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  1. It would be nice is there was an official Mojang API for things sometimes like this.

    But this seems like a promising alternative. Making a sun with a few blocks and using translations to move them higher than 256.

    I've never messed with models but the only other problem I see with this is if the models themselves don't draw if it is above 256 (which I don't think is the case since the parent block would be placed under)
  2. Ok... Let's try an answer again. Last time it appears as though I may have been using some form of narcotics while giving my response.

    I know for a fact the minecraft world generator in vanilla with worldsettings (super flat) can place blocks above the 256 height limit. Try busting into the vanilla world generator to see how it interacts with world settings. If you can answer that, all you have to do is regenerate regions adding in blocks that you want.

    Hope this helps!
  3. I think you can edit the max height in your server properties.
  4. Read the comments before you speak.

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  5. That's not mine!

    That's a model created by NullBlox
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