Making a identity card

Discussion in 'Skript' started by KorixCZ, Jun 20, 2021.

  1. Hello. We are trying to make an identity card through a script. We need to make a command /udelatdoklady that will remember your name and accept it right away. Once this is remembered, if we give the command /ukazatdoklady, it should show all the information we entered for the first time. Thank you all for your advice.

    So far, the code looks like this:

  2. Solved! Thanks
  3. just letting you know that the way you use list variables is not nice, you should use indexes instead
    add player's uuid to {check111222::*}
    if {check111222::*} contains player's uuid:
    set {check111222::%player's uuid%} to true
    if {check111222::%player's uuid%} is set:

    it's much faster ^