1.12.2 Making a Per-World Tablist

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  1. Hello,

    I am wondering how I could approach making a per-world tablist. What do I need to use? What's the logic behind it? Noting that I've never used packets/NMS before
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  3. Thanks but
  4. You have to learn that.
  5. No need NMS/Packet i think.
    Example A and B is a player.
    A will hide B and B will hide A if both are in different world.
    and A will show B and B will show A if both are in same world.
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    This will likely screw with vanish plugins.
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  7. then i would use this method:
    "Allows this player to see a player that was previously hidden. If another another plugin had hidden the player too, then the player will remain hidden until the other plugin calls this method too."

    edit: Unless the vanish plugin used improper way to do its job
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  8. That will work because I need it for minigame arenas so there’s no need to vanish.

    thank you!