Making a Plugin "Server Core"

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Is this plugin a good idea?

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  2. I don't know.

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  1. jkl123m14


    Hello everyone today I was wondering what plugin I should make and one of my friends said you should just make something like essentials but with more features. So I got the name "Server Core". If you would like to help me with this plugin fill free to add me on Skype: MrJkl561

    -Titles(Using Title Api)
    -Grief Protection(Using worldEdit)
    -Joining/Leaving Features
    -Clearing Chat
    More Comming Soon(Or comment on what you would like :p)
  2. Don't remake something unless it is truly a different way of looking at the previous idea. Instead come up with a new idea. No one is going to buy another version of essentials when they already have essentials installed.
  3. jkl123m14


    This plugin will not have any code in it from essentials and will not have the same layout.
  4. No, but you are remaking the same commands several other plugins already have.
  5. jkl123m14


    Well why not have a all in one plugin instead of having to download multiple plugins?
  6. But then you would be hogging resources from features not all servers want or need.
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  7. jkl123m14


    True, but that's why there are booleans to disable stuff/features :D
  8. Still taking up resources and space.
  9. jkl123m14


    Is that a crime?
  10. No, its a point being made. Why do you insult me for having an opinion. Am I not allowed to voice my opinion? I'm pretty sure that was the point of this thread.
  11. jkl123m14


    It is just a question. I didn't me to insult you.
  12. jkl123m14


    Also this plugin I am making will be worked on for months maybe years until I complete it fully. I was just looking for people that have ideas what want to be added. Again I am sorry if I insulted you in anyway when I asked that question.
  13. You should calm down man. I don't see where @jkl123m14 insulted you, but if anything you appeared to come off kinda hostile.
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  14. Whats annoying if the fact that he wont simply take a response, he continues to debate. I understand he wants to get more out of it but many of his replies appear very unnecessary.
  15. If you make it right, then only the features that are enabled will use resources - I find that ideal.

    As for the extra file size, I believe any extra class files / libraries to be minimal in size respective to the size of my storage - but that's just my opinion.

    I'm not a server owner, so I don't have much of an opinion.. but good luck if you pursue it :)
  16. jkl123m14


    Alright thanks! :)
  17. Months or years? Are you kidding? This is pretty basic stuff... I mean come on you aren't even going to make your own grief prevention or titles...
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  18. jkl123m14


    This is because I will be adding everything on the list plus more, and making sure all bugs are fixed.
  19. I HIGHLY suggest you don't spend months/years on this plugin. It is relatively simple for an experienced developer, and there are much better ways to spend your time on a plugin with features that many free plugins already have. Again, that is just my opinion. Best of luck regardless.
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  20. I would not recommend remaking things that already exist, I would suggest improving upon the existing code.
    As plugins like Essentials and WorldGuard already exist and are mature plugins.
    Also since more people are likely to have these plugins already installed, why not fix up and improve the things you and others already use, instead of having to switch everything over to a completely new platform.
    For example with Essentials, you could make your own module that uses the Essentials API.
    Or you could even submit code via pull request.

    I also would not recommend making one giant plugin to do everything.
    Personally, I highly dislike that idea.
    I would recommend making a giant suite of plugins, and having separate modules to perform specific tasks.
    For example, Kits is a separate module, Anti-Griefing is a separate module, Warps is a separate module.
    This was you can have one plugin to do everything, but you can choose what parts you do and don't want since every server has it's own specific needs. It also help to cut down on the space and resources used or not used to maximize efficiency.
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