Making a server at your house

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  1. I believe this is correct (leave a comment if it isn't)
    if you are using a mac and you want to run a server, you will need these:
    Port Map
    Current minecraft server version (as of 1.8.5)

    step 1, make a folder ANYWHERE name it anything
    step 2, place the spigot185.jar in the folder [easy instructions here]
    step 3, place start_server.command into the folder
    step 4, launch the command file
    step 5, agree to the EULA
    step 6, launch again (wait for it to complete, itll say done)
    step 7, type in stop in the console
    step 8, open
    step 9, change the server port to whatever you want
    step 10, save it
    step 11, go to port map and hit the + and type in the port you said into the port, call it what you want in the name
    step 12, drag any plugins into the "Plugins" folder
    step 13, start your server
    step 14, go into minecraft and join (your ip address (see in top of port map app like ##.###.###.### and then do :##### your port you seleted (##.###.###.###:#####)
    step 15, op yourself!

    Other information
    you can drag in a plugin while the server is on and type reload
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  2. i now posted how to use buildtools....
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  3. There are many (higher quality) guides on this...

    I'm also pretty sure most of the community runs their own servers or develops on local servers.
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  4. Yes, you SHOULD report a thread for distributing spigot jars. If Spigot does not make a "good faith effort" to remove those links, they are "complacent" in distributing something they've received a DMCA takedown notice for, and leave themselves open for a lawsuit. Every thread that contains a link/upload to a compiled spigot/craftbukkit/other craftbukkit fork needs to be reported & removed. "Other websites do it!" is not a defense, and Spigot is NOT responsible for them.

    In this case, I think OP will be fine because they just didn't realize and edited it out.
  5. Is this only for mac? Cause if not... Please learn how to format a thread, Because its very confusing.
  6. Reload the server? Ew. Restart it.
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    Please do not distribute links to pre-compiled Spigot JAR files (this can cause legal issues because of the DMCA). Thanks for your cooperation!
  8. What if they encode the link and it so happens to decode into that specific link by... pure accident?

    EDIT: 01100111 01101111 01101111 01100111 01101100 01100101 00101110 01100011 01101111 01101101

    By the way, "co-operation" - you just edited the thread, there was no co-operation what so ever.
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  9. Accidents happen! Like my teacher said he may accidentally drop some example work while leaving the classroom and may accidentally not notice and we may accidentally pick them up and accidentally read them which may accidentally help with our coursework so we may accidentally get a higher grade.
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  10. Pure co-indicidence that the paper so accidentally has to be the answers to the test.
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