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  1. I've already set the item's name to a space, hide the attributes and unbreakable, but is there anyway to completely remove everything in the tooltip / the tooltip itself ,even with Advance Tooltips (F3+H) on?
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    I am almost certain that is not possible. It will always show the blue square even if there is no meta.

    F3+H is client side aka you can’t mess with it in any way; only with a custom client.
  3. sorry but that r naut posseble
  4. As this is a client side feature, you can't change it at all.
  5. i already said it naut possable
  6. So? no one can understand your horrible speaking, and he wanted to have his own opinion.

    No it isn't possible, the only way to make it not show up is requiring your server to use a custom client that removes that feature.
  7. Sorry I wasn't able to express myself very clearly, we aren't all Professional Developers as your signature says.
    It may be possible to help each other though, you could teach me better English, and I could teach you how to push code to Github.

    It seems your Github contains four repositories, all of which contain no code.

    I'm just a very socially awkward person, I come to these forums as a break from reality and I don't think your comment was very nice. I'd like it very much if you'd apologize to me, seriously... You've put me in a bad mood today... After you apologize I think we could become friends and maybe... just maybe... You could teach me how to create a "Simple Join/Leave Message Plugin!" [​IMG]
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  8. We all are. That's why we're programmers ^_^

    @MCMarter you might want to read the Spigot forum rules. Specifically rule #9 section 2.

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  9. Not my GitHub, as I use BitBucket, and yep that resource was from maybe over a year ago since I was bored and wanted to able to post premium resources at that tie.

    Well, how does one not know if he is or isn't fluent in English, and I have read the rules it's nothing new, but to be honest it seemed from how the user was saying it it sounded like he was trying to sound dumb, no offense @Nicksums. Can't really tell if someone isn't english or not.

    I'll reread the rules once again as I always do, and thanks for the heads up @BilyGalbreath, but some people may take notice that the comment could've been trying to be funny.

    I am sorry @Nicksums if you are not fluent in English and if you used a translator, but to my outcome it sounded like you were trying to be funny with the user.

    I hope you accept my apology.

    Best Regards,

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  10. I'd like to add my own tidbit, you can retexture items to visually take up other slots in an inventory, Wynncraft and a few other servers do this. That way, the item is only in one corner yet covers the entire inventory, and every slot (except the one actually containing the retextured item) will have no tooltip!
    You can see that better explained in this video:

    (P.S. Thank you @BillyGalbreath for being the adult in the situation)
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  11. Ok, now thats cool! :eek:
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  12. I accept your apology, thank you very much!
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