Making my server online?

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  1. hi again! (this is my second threat today) How can i make my mc server hosted on my mac to be online so anyone can join to it? And domain comes from AND SOMETHING ELSE THAN UTORRENT, PORTMINER PLUGIN, HAMACHI OR ROUTER PORTFORWARDING!!!!!
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  2. Stop using proxies and bypass methods.

    The only correct answer here is port forwarding. You just have to learn to accept that.

    It's basic networking.

    Go into your router, setup port forwarding from public ip on port 25565, to internal 192.x ip address on port 25565.
    And start mc binding to port 25565.

    If your mac firewall is on, or you use little snitch, just add a rule to accept incoming connections on 25565 and you're good.
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  3. I have a buffalo router and what i did was i went to router ip. Nat / QoS > port forwarding > application: minecraft server, protocol: both, port from and port to: 25565, ip address: my ipv4 address. And Nat / QoS > Port Range Forwarding > app: minecraft server, start and end: 25565, protocol: both(tcp,udp), ip address: my ipv4 address. Aaaand Nat / QoS > port triggering > app: mc server, start and end: 25565, protocol: both, start and end: 25565.

    I applied and saved changes and of course I enabled them. Still that domain I had registered to my ipv4 address didn’t work and no one couldn’t joined there. Only me with localhost and ipv4
  4. Ignore the domain

    Go to and type in
    Code (Text):
    what is my ip
    , ti will return your public IP

    As a friend (not yourself) to connect to the IP directly.

    Take the step of depending on a dns resolver out of the equation

    if they cannot connect then it's a network issue locally, if they can , then it's the dns configuration for the zone file of that free dns thing
  5. So do I use that ip instead of those ipv4 addresses in port forwarding?
  6. And does there have to be that :25565 in the end of that Ip that I give to my friends? Ip which is something like
  7. your ip should look something like 123.456.789.10:25565.
    it should NOT look like:, or anything similar
  8. Yeah buuuut... that public Ip that I can get from somewhere like chickenip... how can I change it to domain? For free?
  9. I think we're getting confused here about what you guys think an IP address is


    ip: (v4)

    ip: (v6)
    hex:hex:hex.. etc

    Let's ignore v6, and stick to the IP addresses of v4, we can remove v4 from the chat to simplify it even more so.

    An assigned IP address can be a local address, or one from your local area network, or a publicly assigned one by your internet service provider.

    For example your local device is, but this is local only, nobody can remotely point to that basically.

    For example your devices behind a router/modem setup can be under 192.168.*.*, these are local too, but device one like your phone or a file server somewhere on the lan, can remote connect and see the other 192.* devices on the range. No public IP can connect to this.

    For example your ISP might give you (imaginary public ip address, so when you go to google and type what is my ip, it will tell you one that it sees you are on, like

    If you want someone to connect to your minecraft server that you start and point to bind to a host and ip, *:25565, it will be listening for incoming traffic on your device, we're still local. If it recognizes you're on a routed range like 192.168.*.* .. it will be reachable on there. And wants the traffic from the router.

    So, someone sends a request to connect to your public ip (that's the one you give them, not your local, or your lan ips.. just the public one). Your router/modem will say: get lost, i dunno know you ' connection refused '...

    This means it's not going from public<->router<->LAN-device

    You have to tell your modem/router to port forward on 25565 or whatever port you bind mc to.. to the internet ip and port of 25565.

    listening on on port 25565 to forward tcp/udp to internal device 192.168.whatever.itis on port 25565

    And the traffic ends up on the mc server that goes : ah there is the traffic i was looking for..

    [player]<--->{internet}<--->(isp)<--->[modem]<->[router]<- (variety of devices, including system with mc) -->[lan-device]
    ^ player connects to public ip provided by isp, on specific port, your modem/router listens on that port and forwards it to internal lan-device where mc is listening on the port ^
  10. Don't bother, get your networking sorted out first
    THEN, once you have the IP working, all it takes is to IN A *any* host you want to that IP.

    If it's a dynamic ip thing, then follow those additional instructions.

    But that's uuuuuseeeelsss, if the LAN isn't setup properly.

    You're self-hosting, so check with step 1: your ISP "am i allowed to run a minecraft server as a public service on the thing i pay you guys for, and if so, is the IP 25565 blocked on your end of are others allowed to connect to it"
  11. Thx that gave me minedblow. That is good thing. But now. How can i get that public ip to domain or subdomain or wtf it is called
  12. Worry about the domain only after you ensure that your public ip works and that players can connect to it.
  13. Ok i gotta slep first before i trying againa it. It is kinda Late in here
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  14. my firewall was all the time off and still didn’t work
  15. RaAninePe there are a few places on the internet where you can get a free sub-domain from, however, they're usually pretty lengthy and just not a good use for a server. A better investment would be to spend $10-$20 and get a Domain from a service, such as GoDaddy. With your own domain you then can have unlimited subdomains.
  16. Yeah but now the problem is that i can’t get my server online
  17. And my name is RaAnimePe not anine
  18. I need help that portforwardign wont work
  19. There are plenty of tutorials on youtube and different sites. A quick google search and there are tons of results that come up for it.
  20. Did you enter the ipv4 address of your laptop?
    Are the protocols TCP & UDP?
    Did you enter the port 25565?
    Did you look at your file and did you write an ipv4-address in the "ip-address" field?
    Have you tried enabling the port 25565 via Windows Firewall.

    I can go so on.