1.8.8 Making PvP bots?

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by ZevoGaems, Feb 24, 2020.

  1. Strike practice has PvP bots and I was wondering how they did it? If I wanted to make my own practice core how would I create bots that are decent and don't seem like you are fighting "something". How could I learn to make a bot like this?
  2. You'll need to learn about IA and create your custom bot entity.
  3. What kind of AI, and any good resources? Like I don't think I would want to use a neural net, or would I?
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  4. No, you don't need a neural net. You would need to work with people who are actually decent at PvP and have them teach you a handful of PvP concepts.

    Sometimes it might be helpful to consider the surrounding environment and not only whats going on within PvP, like context surrounding a sentence. If you want something human-like, then you should go for a more sophisticated AI system, but I doubt the number of rules that need to be laid down will be a lot.
  5. I think he wants something more human like if Im not mistaken, thats why I suggested taking a look at AI

    If you want something human like, a sophisticated AI system. I dont know any of good resources. Otherwise, for a basic bot, spawn a bot that hit players when they are too close and make them chase them of something
  6. I’d read up personally on AI exactly before trying to implement this into a plugin but the most simplest feature is to use the target entity method which is provided in a entity object for path finding and setting a entities goal to get to.
  7. Unless he wants to simulate the nuances and quirks of human behavior, a neural network is not necessary (which I'm assuming you're talking about neural networks, although not every implemented AI is neural networks). Just abstract the concepts of PvP and hard-code that into your bot.