making scoreboards longer? Workaround?

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  2. Not possible :).

    Edit: How about multiple scoreboards, e.g. have a scoreboard show for 30 seconds, then move to the next one.
  3. I use feather board and alternate between titles. You can see it live at
  4. How would I go about doing that?
  5. Use feather board.
    You can set it up a delay tag I believe it is called, which will iterate through a list of strings(subtitles) every x seconds
  6. Why would I want to use featherboard. It contains nothing that I want.. I have a whole system all plugins linking into my custom Rankup plugin with a scoreboard and more.
  7. EZRL scoreboard is not multi threaded and was told this by @extended_clip
    It was causing lag issues at 200 players. Feather board has more features than you can think of and more placeholders than I do brain cells. Works flawlessly, considering I had the same setup as you do.

    Wait, your scoreboard is ezrl right?
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  8. This is in relations to the multiple scoreboards..

    Basicly the same way you create one Scoreboard.

    Let's say you want three scoreboards. Have 3 different instances of a scoreboard with different information. And then just switch bewteen them with a scheduler
  9. no
  10. Addition:

    A little line like: "Page 1 of 3" might be helpful ;)
  11. Tell me more about how you use impossible code (scoreboards cannot/should not be used on different threads. Nice try though). That aside, why would a developer both buy and force a paid dependency on users (aside the case where you own the dependency).
  12. Was relaying this information from a conversation I had with Ryan.
  13. I'm going to take a guess and assume he means non-blocking code, not asynchronous.
  14. clip


    That is correct. My scoreboard does not fetch data async or cache it to display in the scoreboard. I did say my scoreboard is not multi threaded because I figured it would be easier to understand that way as most server owners understand what a thread is or 'the main server thread is'.

    It shouldn't be a big deal how I said it though. I was only trying to explain to him that my scoreboard is not that efficient and does everything on the main server thread. Fetches data on the spot, no cache, all calculations done when a value is needed. Was the best way for me to explain why it caused him lag with 200 players online. 200x14 lines of calculations or data fetching every x seconds. Its not like I lied to him. I admit my scoreboard system sucks and I probably should have not made it in the first place.
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  15. I believe it is possible by creating an offlineplayer, adding it to a team and then use the prefix/suffix. Getting an offline player contacts the mojang servers now though, so it will cause lag. There is probably a way to still use it, but I haven't figured out how.
  16. Implement OfflinePlayer and use that class.