Man there's sooo many community chats, Why not make another one =P

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  1. Are you looking for people to help you increase the status of your server or simply just to find clients for your minecraft building company. I have noticed there are a few going around and I cannot seem to get into many of them as I am a youtuber agent and server manager so I thought why not make one for anyone that works for a server or helps servers. I want this to be something that anyone can join and talk in about your server and get advice from various other owners, builders, Artists, Developers and like myself youtuber agents.

    Want to join?
    Add my skype and tage the request with the server/company you work for
    Basics really no spamming. bullying, keep the banter flowing and make sure everyone gets along enjoy.

    Any negative comments about this post I will be disappointed as all I am doing is helping the public
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    Good luck with the chat, some of the chats are actually OK.

    What server do you manage?
  3. HyperMC it is slowly in the growth but we have set aside 3-5k advertising funds to help it towards the start.
  4. No swearing? More like no fun :(
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    No more loxlounge?
  6. Just realised how stupid that rule is =P
  7. No, PM me on skype Alex.
  8. Now managing ClassyChicken (Professional Builder) Chat No longer available requesting thread lock

    Skype - agent.matt