Managed Hosting or Un managed hosting.

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  1. Which type of hosting is better for website. A friend of mine has referred me to host my website on DigitalOcean. In my search for the reliable hosting, I encounter two types of hosting service. Either I go for the un managed version of DigitalOcean hosting which is provided by DO or should I go for the managed digitalOcean cloud hosting which is provided by Cloudways.
  2. You might be more interested in looking into a web hosting company, it will most likely be cheaper, and they'll have a panel like cPanel installed, rather than you having to do it via command line.

    Managed hosting = You can ask them to do stuff on your server and they'll do it, I think it's pretty useless, although that's probably because I know my way around a Linux server
  3. if your doing website based stuff then a reseller package with cpanel installed is the way to go, if your doing other stuff on it or intead on doing other stuff on it, then a unmanaged server is the way to go. it all depends on your use case
  4. If you use a managed website hosting company, they will handle everything with the hardware, network, operating system, web server, MySQL server, PHP, updates/upgrades, etc, including security-related patches. So you only have to worry about your content (which may involve programming in PHP or database queries, etc).

    Here's a host I used years ago, they were top-notch when I used them:
    There's a 100 day money-back guarantee.

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