Managing Many Dedicated Servers

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    So I was just wondering how the big networks such as Hive, Hypixel etc manage hundreds of dedicated servers. They can't just have a PuTTy/WinSCP saves for 100s of dedicated servers. How would they achieve this?

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    And I know Hypixel has a management panel, but I don't believe that actually has anything to do with the actual machines.
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  8. You use proper system state management tools like Salt Stack or Puppet.

    you basically write config files that instruct on how to 'build' a system, then you spin up a box with a specific name (like minecraft001) then the instruction say any server named minecraft* has this software and configuration installed in this exact fashion.

    Then if you need to make a change, you change the configs, and issue something like salt 'minecraft*' state.sls some.state

    then that ensures every single server running is in the new desired state.

    you would only ssh in for debugging. Manage updates through the same state configs.

    Like at my day job we have a git/content and git/api definition, which declares "latest revision on branch X"

    So push to branch, run git.api state, which also then has post-change triggers to run other tasks on update.
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    I replied to a similar question a while ago here :)
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  10. I've heard GommeHD has a custom java server-client system for player data. I think they've just expanded the client and server software for managing dedicated servers.
  11. I use csshX but there's also other things like salt, etc.
  12. I use Ansible
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