Managing Plugin Channels

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  1. Hi, I apologize in advance if this is more Bukkit oriented, if It is too Bukkit I'll move the thread :).

    Anyways, i'm a dev on a bungeecord server, and I really want to have myplugins communicate to one another via plugin messaging. Currently I attempted to use this coe to do so:

    Here is the link to the actual code:

    The code itself compiles with no errors, nor any runtime exceptions, it just simply... doesn't work. Anyone have any suggestions, thanks :).
  2. Are you sure the problem comes from the bukkit side and not the bungeecord side ?
  3. md_5

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    What's the code supposed to do.... I can't see anything happening without a bungee plugin helping it
  4. Does bungee have some sort of API or whatever to make pluginmessagechannels?
  5. md_5

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    Yes but you still haven't told us what you are trying to do
  6. I think you don't understand what Plugin Message packets do...
  7. md_5
    I'm going to be using the message packets to basically communicate with all my plugins ie:

    I have a server, and I want to tell everyone in the hub server that that server is open, so I would want to send that via a plugin message to the hub plugin channel, and handle the data.

    As for BungeeCord, whenever I try to access any API features, it says classnotfoundexception, is there a BungeeAPI "plugin" jar type of thing (I apologize for the questions, I'm quite new to bungee).
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    The bungee api is for bungee plugins. You want the plugin channel api and forward channel, read this sticky thread on channels