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  1. I am making a CTF server and I need a plugin which can reload the world from a schematic something like in Hypixel with the adventure lobby the whole map gets reloaded after its done.
    Thanks I need all help. I looked around and can't find any ​
  2. Post your code.
  3. His post sounds like a request or help finding a plugin

    Does multiverse support such a feature? And further there are tons of Plugins like this on bukkit.

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  4. You need to manually get each block's material and save it to a file. Once that is done, then you need to manually replace them. (manually = write your own code to do this)
  5. Do schematics work ? And like Mr.Homer04 I can't code but I am willing to pay
  6. You can regen your maps with schematic or you can add all blocks in HashMap.
  7. Schematics would be your safest bet. I'd use WorldEdit's built in API for loading schematics using CuboidClipboard. It makes it super simple.
  8. Quote.
  9. NathanWolf


    Might be easier to remove the world, copy it from backup, and add it back in again?

    Otherwise, I'm sure there are arena plugins out there that have regen built in. Maybe look for some spleef plugins.
  10. Orrrrr.. my way is simple :3.. on load make sure you have "SAVE-ON" or something toggled off.. and make sure people can't break blocks or blow them up.. then reload the server and your world will be like it reset :3

    Edit: nvm.. if it was SG or something then it would work.