Map Saving Methods

Discussion in 'Performance Tweaking' started by externo6, Oct 6, 2013.

  1. externo6


    Just wandering, what you guys use to save the world.
    We currently use cron that does save-all commands every 10 mins.

    Does anyone use bukkits inbuilt autosave?
    Or any other method?
  2. Why would you use a plugin if you could just use cron?
  3. Dmck2b

    Services Staff

    Why use cron if you can just use bukkit's built in?

    But I use ASW as I like it's backup system as well. Makes it much easier to ignore certain, large folders.
  4. To clarify externo6's question, currently we have another cron backup solution which disables map saving before rsyncing certain folders and zipping them before re-enabling saving.

    Is the cron job unnecessary when bukkit can do the same thing? Has anyone had issues with the inbuilt saving?

    I guess an advantage of controlling the time, we can ensure it does not interfere with the backups.
  5. externo6


    The reason I posted this was because we where having lag spikes on the save-all's. I have further read that the save structure information was added in 1.6.4 and can cause lag spikes on saving.
  6. I use mcmyadmin to schedule an auto save every 30 minutes. Then i use the Minebackup plugin to perform world backups every 7-8 hours. Minebackup can also upload to FTP severs and dropbox.
  7. Recolance


    Uh, /save-on seems to work fine
  8. TitanicFreak


    Theres an option in the Spigot.yml where you can disable Structure info saving. I recommend you find it and disable it. Also make sure you are on the latest version if it's not in the config.
  9. externo6


    Yep disabled that last night :)