Map Used By A Youtber Without Consent

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by itsrina, Aug 17, 2018.

  1. Some background: My members had informed me that a large youtube creator was using our Minecraft build as content for his video. I was unaware how he had gotten it and had provided no credits to the creator. We then spent about 2 hours talking with his content guy to try and get credits added for both the creator and the server itself. The server credits have not been added at the time of this post.

    Youtuber is PrestonPlayz

    Here is the full album.

    Would you consider this stealing? Plagiarizing?
  2. If you feel it's your stuff and your copyrighted work, and it's being used beyond fair use, and despite without credit: they claim it's their work .. I think nothing a dmca request through a legal person can't fix. Contact your legal person, have them review it: we aren't lawyers here.. legal advice is against the spigot ToS anyway, and then if they feel you have a case, contact youtube and maybe they take down the content through a strike. Who knows..