Map weight and new blocks

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  1. Hey guys, I have two questions.

    1) I have a 1.7 faction map but I have upgraded my server to 1.8. There is a way to add the new blocks into the map?

    2) My world weight is almost 8gb. It is possible? The map is up since October, there are 15-20 average players online and we got some big constructions for some events but 8gb seems too much. If compared the plot world takes only 200 mb.
    Edit: Actually 8gb is the weight when unzipped. Unzipped it is over 13.6gb. The region folder alone has a weight of 13.5gb. There is a way to clean something and save space?Or it all depends from the constructions on the server?
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  2. Woah. That's a massive map. Some hackers will use super fly speed and fly one direction for a long time making a map massive. Or just wondering players. There are no plugins that are able to do what you ask. If there was one it would most likely not work well and lag. I suggest getting world boarder. Set the map size to 20k square blocks for that amount of players then slowly let the players move into the new world and offer to move chests or maybe even builds to the new world.

    One thing I have thought about is delete region files (and it's pair) that have not been edited/loaded in a long time so it won't effect active chunk areas but will clean up unused areas. But remember the older the map the faster it loads as most the chunks have already been generated. BUT this is just an idea. Deleting region files could break something I've never done it.

    Also I think my main map which is 10k by 10k is like 2gb or less and 85% of it has been generated.

    Also having world boarder keeps players in the same area which means less chunks loaded which means less data use.
  3. I will use autoborders, but 20k square blocks arent too few?People could find each other faction too easily
  4. Factions requires player factions to be close so they can claim eachothers land during a war to take it over. That is if you have it setup as default.
  5. I have let people claim even in areas not connected, probably that's the main difference.
    Thinking about something between 100 and 200k blocks, I wonder if it is still helpful or the map size will still be too huge in terms of GB?

    Also, if i put a border and use the trim command, all factions , homes and warps coordinates will change? I Need to manually setup everything?
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  6. I think the trim command is a manual setup. If you add world boarder to a world make sure its brand new so you dont cut out any homes. And ive seen servers with 100 players with a 20-30k square map.

    As for changing the config to allow faction claims not connected to the original claim. Thats up to you. Factions is suppose to be messy.

    Also with spigot 1.8+ loaded any new chunks will be 1.8 i think. While the old ones stay the same

    With worldboarder you can make round boarders if you want too. Any player who warps or tp's outside the boarder will be kicked to the boarder edge. Minecraft has a default boarder setup you can do. but it can be bypassed with an enderpearl..... Good job Mojang.
  7. Mhmm dat weight. Those gigabytes must weigh like what. Zero.
  8. Bigger generated maps just take longer to backup... Thats the only real issue, so if (God forbid) there is a bad spigot build that corrupts maps or your spawn is griefed you would have hopefully backed up within the week. Also i think it takes a nano second longer for regions to load (like ingame) since there are more region files to search through when loading chunks (correct me if im wrong)

    Well if you want to take words literally... From a physics standpoint it would weigh more...

    No hard feelings thought id have a little fun.

    But in theory his large map would weigh less then an atom probably.