Map "World" Extremely heavy

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  1. My server map "world" is extremely heavy is 1,22Gb and every week is more and more heavy. It`s creating extremely lag in the server, what can I do about this?
    (server hosted in a ODROID Board)

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  2. What type of world is it?

    If it's something like a factions world, this is normal.
  3. Its a normal suvival map
  4. Jesus, do you have a world border? How many players are on the server usually? Any plugins? Auto Farms?
  5. hmmm i think the map haven`t limit.
    It`s a private server for friends so normaly are 10 or 15 players.
    Autofarms... hehe... yeah we have too many machines but... I think this dont give to server 1G lmao xD (plugins in the screenshot)
    The first day server is officialy opened only take about 20 seconds to start all the server, today I need 3 minutes to start the server x_X!! 09d0f7a2a26eb5f23b35a6fd528f5044 (1).png
  6. You may wanna backup your server, and perhaps killing all entities after
    /minecraft:kill @e
  7. If you want, you can (first backup) delete some chunks with some NBT editor or MCEdit